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  1. Status: 138 days
    It's been 138 days and something i never had before immediately "possesses" me. That is - i don't know how to accurately name this "aggressive? Hulk mode? Tiger mood? Dominance? I don't know what it's name specifically. But basically, now i don't hesitate to show or express my negative and uncomfortable emotion like angery, wrath and louder tone voice. Something i never had before. Literally NEVER HAD THEM IN ADVANCE. I didn't have such those courage to be so assertive even before i wouldn't get trapped into pmo. I started pmo when i was 14 years old. So, i was just a shy, pity, and pathetic boy. Literally a little boy. Damn, now i realized how weak i was. I mean, even without pmo i already was a pathetic boy. And it became so much worse since i started PMO.

    Now here i am, A guy with a temperamental tendency to punch someone when they do something stupid in front of me. Well let be clear here, guys Nofap literally gives you courageous.
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    Great bro that you made it so far . Keep it up
    I guess we also need to learn to channelize this cconfidence boost
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