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    So I remember receiving an email about how I needed to add the NoFap email to my contacts in order to receive the weekly newsletter. So I've done that and I've still not received it. Did I do something wrong? Or is it a technical glitch on NoFap's end? Or is it something else since I would love to start seeing that newsletter every week and be able to have a source that can further my reboot.
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    Eh mostly I have been busy with things and unable to regularly write them. I hope to actually get one a week out.. someday. That was the initial goal but now it's every other week to every month, depending on my workload.

    Basically while I COULD get out one email per week, I don't like to send out bad emails. So I only send them if I actually feel like the quality is there. And I struggle, with all of the other responsibilities, to get a quality newsletter out every week.

    (tl;dr - It's me not writing them, not a tech issue)
  3. aspiringwriter1997

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    Thank you so much for the clarification! @Alexander

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