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    I am not a porn addict, I was luckier than some by not discovering it until I was 14, I used it very rarely and when I made my first account here, it was booted out of my life, I have found it much easier to keep porn out of my life than psuedo-porn on youtube and forums, that I found harder to get rid of; however that to has been booted for over a month now and I have decided to take my life up to the next level.
    I am not here because I think that M is evil, will anger a god/gods or harm some mystical energy thing that I cant pronounce, but because I have been presented with a choice to either live a pretty decent life or an amazing one.
    I will be going 90 days with no M, that is a goal, I dont intend to get there and start M, but I am setting a goal that is achievable and reaching it, For the first few weeks I will probably be doing an involuntary hard mode, however my recent journeys into self improvement have done wonders for my game and my first few weeks in sixth form college have been rather promising :), It has been a long road from depression to where I am now, I am not perfect, there are still dark moments and I still have a skinny body with pectus excavatum, however I can now look in a mirror and be happy with what I see, there are muscles that need to increase a bit, some social skills that need some improvement, but the lump of molecules staring back at me is a happy lump and he is about to kick life's arse!
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    Welcome, I'm glad you are here, keep coming back!

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