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night in to myself

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by zombie.boy, May 19, 2018.

  1. zombie.boy

    zombie.boy Fapstronaut


    here we go, first night home alone in my reboot. My wife has gone out and i'm home alone. Before she had even left the house i was thinking "great, a night alone, i can get online"

    but i really don't want to do that, it's probably the strongest feeling and urge i've had since my reboot a few weeks ago.

    i decided this time i need more support and have decided overtime i get the urge i will jump on here instead.
  2. Soberhopeful

    Soberhopeful Fapstronaut

    I was in the same situation myself. I had learned in my recovery that if I am not around people every single moment, then, in my mind, I am not loved and accepted, which is the lie of my disease to keep me in PMO. When my wife worked 3rdshift, I would PMO to numb the pain. I would call people in recovery, but the feelings would end up roaring back. I learned now that God, my sponsor, my ap, and people in recovery do love and accept me and I love and accept myself. Best wishes to you in your recovery.
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