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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Bigmandude, Oct 26, 2021.

  1. Bigmandude

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    I don’t even know where to start with this one so be patient. I’m on NoFap day 28 now. Went to bed at midnight, It’s 5 am now just woke up 15 minutes ago from the scariest thing ever. Was it a dream? Was it sleep paralysis? Was it a nofap demon?

    All I know is that I was dreaming about some scary hallway and I heard demon noise coming from the other side I didn’t go at first but then I said fuck it and sprinted down the hallway. Next thing I know I woke up I’m in my bed under my covers. Now it sounds like the demon/entity is right on the other side of my covers growling at me and it felt like my body was being moved around and I kept getting weird surges throughout my body and I had this horrible dread feeling all through out my entire body.

    I kept saying over and over in my head “in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke thy evil spirit” literally I would not move I stayed still like a statue. It couldn’t have been sleep paralysis because it felt like the entity was moving my bod6 which was making me lose my shit.

    Does anyone else have any crazy or scary experiences on nofap???? Who knew nofap could be so scary..... anyways thanks for listening to my Ted talk.

    TLDR: was dreaming about demon, demon wound up next to me in real life. Hallucinations? Highly doubt it. that shit scared me so bad . Don’t fap kids
  2. Improv3r

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    This was just a very vivid form of a nightmare and the fact you overthink NoFap sounds to me that it amplified that said dream.
    Nobody did an extensive research on dreams, other dimensions, evil spirits and the like and came back to tell the tale.
    In fact most researches are unconfirmed.
    I had a bad dream today as well even shouted myself to wake up.
    When I did there's a residual timeframe where you feel haunted or like watched let's say from demons and other paranormal beings.
    But I think that's just in your head because once you fall back to sleep again all is good. And the morning comes.
    It just happens. There are people who don't fap and still have such nightmares. Don't overthink it.
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  3. script

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    Didn't happen while rebooting, but I once had a dream where I was dreaming and then woke up, but I was still in a dream. I thought I was awake and things happened that freaked me out completely. I guess sometimes the brain confuses itself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Bigmandude

    Bigmandude New Fapstronaut

    i woke up with such a huge sense of dread tho. And I’ve been noticing ever since starting nofap I’ve been having nightmares every night. When I was overthinking nofap I couldn’t make it past 7 days I haven’t thought if it in a while. Just thought it was odd I was dreaming and I heard the demon growl and when I woke up it was like next to me for like a solid 10 min making a growl and it felt like someone was touching my body
  5. Bigmandude

    Bigmandude New Fapstronaut

    that shit is trippy my guy. I was reading on Reddit that nofap makes you have more vivid dreams again. I couldn’t get past day 7 when I kept thinking about nofap here I am 27 days later now I barely think about it. I just think it’s weird I’ve been having nightmares every night
  6. Improv3r

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    If you overthink it too much your mind starts making it a reality. You get what I mean?
    The trick about NoFap I think is that the more you overthink it the better chances for you to fail and hurt yourself.
    If you just know NoFap is a way of life it gets easier by the day.
    Plus your brain have to rewire itself I guess. It is natural for your brain to try and revert to its own self.
    Pair that with your overthought and there we go on the merry-go-round.
  7. DeeJ4y

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    I think it is a sleep paralysis. I had one a long time ago and it scared me so much. There was a demon as well and a hallway. I did not go to the hallway and the demon was standing in front of the hallway, I just yelled dad since I knew he was in the next room then I woke up. I think that the dream was about that if I keep living like I was that I might end up in hell. I had a lot of bad habits.
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  8. It is Finished

    It is Finished Fapstronaut

    You need to say this out loud with authority and have faith that the power of Jesus will protect you. Sounds like you were definitely under demonic attack. It happens on nofap because they are angry that you stopped feeding them.
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  9. Im a believer.
    I believe in God, I truly think that God exists as a matter of fact I believe that Satan exists too.
    To me, u experienced a demonic attack.
    Please be careful brother.
    May God be with you.
  10. modernstore99

    modernstore99 Fapstronaut

    People tend to report having more frequent, more vivid, and more memorable dreams when they quit porn, especially early on and during the first reboot. No one's really sure why.

    Many biologists theorize that animals experience dreams so they can "practice" catching prey or avoiding predators in the future, either on purpose or through instinct. If you've been having more scary dreams, it's a sign your mind recognizes that you're not going to be feeding it porn anymore (which it perceives as endless reproductive opportunities, the ultimate goal of any organism), so the primal, ancient parts of your brain are going to be geared more towards productivity, action, and seeking other forms of reward. In short, it's a sign you're healing and getting back to normal.

    Take this as a sign to direct this new energy and attention you have to productive areas of your life, whether it's work/school your physical health, your social/family life, interests/hobbies you have, and romantic/sexual interests.
  11. Fallen Demon

    Fallen Demon Fapstronaut

    Did you actually feel those weird surges or was it a dream?
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  12. Fallen Demon

    Fallen Demon Fapstronaut

    I haven't experienced anything like this and I don't even want to in future. But I know a guy who experienced something scarier than this.... I even had conversation with him. He deleted his account now idk why but his username was Tony999.
  13. That was definitely a real demon and sleep paralysis is quite common these days it seems, not surprising considering how depraved our world has become.
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  14. iwillmakeit95

    iwillmakeit95 Fapstronaut

    I prefer this kind of answer
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  15. hairypalmsyndrome

    hairypalmsyndrome Fapstronaut

    I don't think I've ever had a nightmare as terrifying, even during a reboot
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  16. Fallen Demon

    Fallen Demon Fapstronaut

    Do you have the problem of sleep paralysis? Because you didn't clearly mention it in the post.
  17. PatrickBasedman

    PatrickBasedman Fapstronaut

    Just this morning had a nightmare where I was laying bed being tormented by a shadow person. I leapt out of bed to turn on the light, only for me to wake up and realise I was doing that irl too! Shit was scary.

    I do think nofap can cause you to dream more in general.

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