Night time urination? Waking up

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    i dont want to ramble on too much, so ill keep this as short as possible.


    -Sometimes feeling like i didnt totally empty the bladder.
    -sometimes will have to stand there for 10-20 secs and relax and focus to get stream to start
    - other times it will shoot out great and feel like i emptied.
    - wake up almost every single night to pee.
    -has occurrd for maybe 1-3 years but i only.became more aware the last few months.

    I dont have pain or anything so i imagine its not a uti or that. It seems to be an enlarged prostate, prostitus or something. I guess from masturbation and sex non stop since i was ~12ish.

    Its really affecting my sleep and from the dozens of posts ive read online i know the doctor will say nothings wrong and blah blah. (I will go to doc if it doesnt improve)

    Im around 30 days on nofap now, almost 29 years old.
    These are my questions to you fine folk;

    Did you have an "enlarged prostate"?
    Did nofap help it go back to a normal size?
    Is it just swollen and needs rest?
    I use to do kegels exrcises years ago. Never reverse ones, do you think they caused it?
    Should i be doing a kegels routine? Reverse or? Link?

    Help me please... i love sleep and its ruining my lifeeeeeee.

    Thanks friends
  2. I had those symptoms few years ago, turned out I had a light prostatitis. The doctor told me to drink a lot of water, cut coffee and spicy food and he gave me a drug. He also said that is more common than one may think, he said something like 30% of guys under 30 got it. As far as I know masturbation had nothing to do with it, it was more from the hours sitting in the car/chair etc.
    I know it's uncomfortable but maybe check your doctor!
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    Did it get cured? Or you are now taking medication daily?
    I dont want side effects of a life long of medication..
    Ill make an appointment today though . I needa find out.
  4. Yeah, I got better after maybe 2 weeks of taking that medication. I had to change my lifestyle a little bit, back then I spent a lot of time sitting on chairs at the office and even at home. Basically after the 2 weeks of medication it was mostly gone, that's it. no more medication whatsoever.
    Don't worry though, I was 27 at the time and the doctor said that having something serious under 50 years old it's really, REALLY improbable.
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    Went to the doc today and he reckons its highly unlikely.
    I wish I had your doctor.
    So now hes ordered a bunch of tests and reckons ill have some blockage they'll have to burn out.. mmm .. i dont like this guy lol.

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