No erection after no fapping?

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    I'm 28 y/o and have been masturbating to internet porn from about the age of 13. I am single, but not a virgin.

    My aim has never been to give up masturbation completely. I only wanted to cut down on the 1-2 times per day I was previously doing, and to also stop using internet porn. I was thinking about limiting myself to masturbating every few weeks when I was extremely horny.

    During my attempt, which lasted 25 days, I was seriously horny for the first 3 weeks. I was fantasizing about having sex with a co-worker (female) almost every second of every day and usually got spontaneous erections throughout the day because of it (...perv).

    On day 22 my libido plummeted and my penis was limp regardless of what I did. It took real effort and concentration to get any kind of life in it, and even then it wasn't getting fully erect. Prior to "NoFap" I never really had this problem so was getting a little worried! I read some posts on the forum and realise now that this is called the "flatline".

    I was only really interested in giving up porn and cutting back on masturbation, so on day 25 I fapped without porn. It was over within a flash and I noticed my dick was at best half erect. This led me to fap several times again over the next few days and every time it has been at best half erect.

    Has anyone else experienced not being able to get a full erection after "no fapping" for a period of time, and if so what can I do to fix it? :confused:

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    usually, ur testosterone level increases 45% when u go 1 week NoFap.. but actually u've underenergized ur penis by masturbation for a long time, so u wont expect full erection in short period of tym..masturbation makes ur penis smaller, weaker, plus u get premature ejaculation.. so in order for ur penis to go back to it normal functions, u must giv tym for ur testosterone to build up n ur testicular vessels to gain their strength.. n d flat line effect is true but if you continue wth "nofap", it would suddenly go from flat line to an adrenaline rush in whch u'll find it difficult to control urself.. the urge for sex, masturbation or anythng to satisfy ur urge sets in.. thats d biggest test in ur days.. when i had it, i can feel my pulse through my testicular artery bcoz of it engorgement with blood.. if u can control urself at that period, u'll finish d course n ur penis will come back fully functional
    N.B. during d period, morning erections is a good sign of healthy penis.. gudluck bro..

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