No Flatline = Not recovering?

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum, 28yo male on my 32nd day of (at least) 90-day reboot in hard mode, and just decided to join this amazing community.

    I'm doing this because of:
    - PIED: recently discovered, only one instance until now. I think its not a severe case, since I have no problem getting an erection to porn, to fantasy, or even to my only touch.
    - Death grip: I have it since long ago, but I didn't knew what was happening until "The PIED event".
    - Anxiety and depression: It was incredible that I couldn't see how bad I was, and what seemed to be the underlying cause. I was convinced that everyday I was dumber and less able to achieve things, zero motivation, anhedonia, you know the drill...
    and despite having read a lot about this I'm still having some doubts, I hope you can

    The thing is I wanted to know more about the flatline.

    Until now I don't seem to have suffered the expected flatline that comes around day 25-30, despite having a couple of bad days with anxiety or bad temper, but I mostly think that could be more related to PAWS, and my D is far from dead.
    (After 2 weeks of nofap, my D improved a lot in appearance (softer, longer and fuller), nocturnal erections became a regular thing (not so in the morning, though))

    Anyway, in the first week of nofap, I was utterly depressed because of my ED, the girl dumping me because reasons etc, plus I got shingles (herpes zoster) on my ear and half of my face was paralyzed (I'm fully recovered by now)... So understandably, I was not even thinking about my penis (that I felt as an inanimate chunk of flesh by then), and my mood was at it worst.

    So finally, my questions:
    - Should I expect a flatline to happen as a sign of healing, or that first week is a proof that I started the reboot on a flatline and the worst part has been left behind?
    - If I don't get a flatline in this second month, something is going wrong?

    Thanks for reading and commenting, and sorry about grammar and typos, english is not my first language.

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    Hmm nah. Let the process happen. If you don't get flatlines thats okay, prolly they're not meant for you.
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  3. Any advice on the rewiring process? I am currently single, but have a girl in mind to try when I feel confident enough. The problem is that I have read that the best thing for rewiring is cuddle and "real love", and with this girl I don't have any intentions on establish an emotional link, do you think that would be a setback?
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    Man, please give up those bullshit.

    They were probably written by some 18 YO virgin who relapses every 3 days even if he's trying to Nofap lol.

    You're a man with some needs. That's perfectly fine as long as she is conscious of your intention :)
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    What does flatline mean to you?

    I can relate to a lot of what you say. My dick isn't dead either as I can still get hard just by thoughts or touch, even when reading some nofap posts I'll feel movement if they're hitting the right notes so to speak but despite this I have zero urges - that to me is the flatline. My horniness is gone, that primal desire to F... or the need to ejaculate isn't there. Most nofap accounts are about curing PIED but in my case I'm pretty sure it still works but there's just no feeling or desire to use it.

    Like you, I've also noticed regular nocturnal wood lately and have had it for about the past 10 days now. I don't know at what point nocturnal wood becomes morning wood but my sleep is kind of messed up(even more so since starting nofap) so it's hard to say. I'm nearing 30 days on hard mode but really it's more like easy mode as I'm not fighting any urges, I did a 10 day and a 20 day streak before this and it was the same, only difference with the 20 streak was that I was getting bad withdrawals for most of it whereas now they've mostly cleared up apart from the sleep problems.
  6. As I see for the stories I read (Here, YBOP, Reboot Nation, SPAM REMOVED - REPORT TO MODERATION etc.), there are two kinds of flatline, but both of them are (usually) marked by the presence of the "dead penis" (even in people without former ED), in addition to a plethora of other symptoms as zero libido, anhedonia, depression etc. Despite my PIED, I'm now having the best erections I have had in my life, yet to be tested with a real partner. The other symptoms can be just PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) or even just my life being so "nice" at this times.

    In any case, flatline or not flatline, I'm noticing a pattern of pairs of bad-good days taking turns like a tennis game, so I guess my brain is adjusting dopamine, GABA, etc.

    On the urges, last week was a pretty quiet one (you know, that zen feeling of no urges, inner peace, etc), but since yesterday I'm having it way more difficult, for no apparent reason.

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