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    Hi all, after a bad spell last week we sat down and talked things through. We came to a compromise that he can't just stop completely and so the rule is no porn at work. Day 1 was fine no problems he said he struggled but managed it. Day 2 he said was a lot better knowing I'm supporting him. The weekend came and he announced how he wasn't even tempted to look outside of work. We had a super romantic weekend resulting in us both being sick this week :( we both took Mon, Tues, Wed off of work and I'm off today but he had to go in. - I just popped on the computer and he has zero Internet history for today. His Google activity is also completely wiped for today except to show he just used Google activity about 20 minutes ago. I asked how he is doing today and I got a reply saying that he's sorry and when I asked why he said he should have stayed home with me. I want to trust him but so much damage and so many lies what do we think?
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    Idk; it wasn't clear that he lied. Ask him why the history is wiped.
    I also agree with the previous poster.
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    He is telling you hes sorry because he knows you will find out. Sounds a bit like what i would do except I would have called and asked why he deleted it. If he wants to be honest he needs to leave it all on there so if you wanted to see you could. I havent actually looked since this was promised apart from 1ce few days in to check it was all still there. They could just use private browser or delete just the porn bits but they obviously want to be honest. He could also be hiding more than just porn. They always led my husband to hook up sites, which he didn't log into because he needed an email and he never knew how to set one up.
    My hubby is 17 days P-free today and its been very up and down I must say.
    The fact he is sorry amd wishes he stayed at home says he regrets it and is probably most likely feeling shame and guilt already. A bug hug and telling him you know what happened but not to what extent because he isn't being honest with himself or you by deleting his history. Also it wont work unless he stops completely. My hubby admitted it all last year but clearly wasnt ready to stop till he got caught out again 19 days ago, 3 weeks after I gave birth. It has a pattern of happening when I'm pregnant which is the worst possible time, but this is a man so they have no concept of a good or bad time especially when addiction plays all the cards.
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    It is necessary to learn to trust people
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