No libido, no sex drive, flatline during sex

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Jimmyo, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Jimmyo

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    Ive just had the oppurtunity to have sex and unfortunatelly my penis was not able to get hard 100%, only about 80% and just for little time. Ive never had erectile dysfunction and it seems nofap actually made my me way worse, ive started around 40days ago (hard mode) because of superpowers but now ive lost all sexual drive, even porn cant turn me on anymore. What the hell is going on ? If i knew this would happen before i would never ever start this. Do i have to get Vyagra in order to statisfy my gf ? Im 25 years old, my libido should be sky rocketing and I feel like this is going to destroy our relationship. And im not willing to wait months to get my libido back, is it possible to get it back by any other way ?? I dont have ED and watching porn was never a problem (3-4 times per week). What do i do ? Im panicking a bit here so any help would be appreciated!
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  2. Awakening123

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    There are lots of ups and downs on reboot. Some days you feel great while some days are the worst. Don't panic when things go bad and don't get happy when you feel great as both are temporary. 40 days is great but you are still in preliminary stage. You would have to go for at least 3-4 months of no PMO (no sex either) to feel the difference. Don't panic if you still don't see benefits after 3-4 months as it may take longer than that.
  3. Jimmyo

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    Not the answer i was looking for but thanks anyways, i want to know how to get my libido back. I dont care about pmo anymore, i just want my dick to work as it worked before aking nofap path.
  4. lantti

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    Just fucking deal with it, make your gf happy with any other means necessary, and after flatline you can perform as much as you want. Do you really want to go back, relapsing and watching porn? Don't you remember how it was like?
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  5. Crimson

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    best thing I can say is just keeping moving forward like eventually your dick won't work anyway if you keep watching porn as your develop pied and then it take even longer to reboot I was in a similar situation and my gf and I ended up breaking up over it I'm 107 days right now if zero libido but it's fine as I know I'm getting better us young guys take a while to fix but you know what if she does end up leaving you over this she obviously not the right person for you stay strong carry on the journey
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  6. Jswag

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    I know that doing cardio and weightlifting definitely increases my libido. I've been at this off and on for 5 years and that is the only thing that seems to work with increasing libido. Recently, I've been doing a 16:8 intermittent fast diet. (Google it) That also appears to have gotten things moving along. Sleep is also a key component. Make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep. These things combined have helped get me through the libido flatlines.
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  7. Jimmyo

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    Thanks man, i will check that diet! Im going to gym usually 4 times per week and i sleep enough so i will def check intermedient fasting.
  8. Jimmyo

    Jimmyo Fapstronaut

    That makes sense yeah, i was just angry because the first time i get a gf (and fuckin hot for that matter) my dick stops working, its like a big fuck you, but i guess i will just have to fight through it and explain that im doing nofap to my gf somehow. Thanks mate.
  9. Jimmyo

    Jimmyo Fapstronaut

    The biggest turn off for me is that flatline could take months, i dont have months... i would not whine and be angry if it were a week or two but ive read some people have flatline go for months at a time which is why i was searching for a way to get my dick back up.
  10. Martinjr12

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    Jajaja I know is frustrating i have 3 months and no libido but whats helps me is to focus on goals you never know the universe always have our back!
  11. ThomasTheCat

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    I feel exactly the same way and I am very afraid of that. In fact, I haven't had the desire for a real woman in a long time. I can't even remember the last time...

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