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    My name is Arvind. I am fair looking 22 years old handsome boy. I first saw porn when I was in primary school, then I started to watch porn daily. I did not feel anything different in the beginning days but when I went to high school, the result was seen. I remember seeing it with a woman. I remember when I was in 9th standard I came to experience the dreamfall (wet dream) of the first time. Then when I joined junior college in May, I started masturbating for the first time while watching porn and that habit continues to reign over me. When I was the second year of college I loved a girl and we came in a relationship. But she was not loyal girl. I did PMO during realtionship. We have sex many times, but we separated because I knew that in the future she will left me. She cheated me 2 times before breakup.She only wanted money and glamour.but she was my first and last love so it was so heartbreaking for me.and it's increased my PMO short she destroy my life for 2 years. It's been a year since this. I am single and yet I have a single stay. I look handsom no doubt. Many girls do me a favor but I do not want to be in a relationship. I want to become successful.and I believe realtionship is big barrier in teen age life progress. Since Last two years I do not understand what I am doing. During these two years I left the education and joined the job and left it. I have lived for a year at home. Last year I decided to drop the PMO. I wrote my first paragraph on july 2018 and joind NOFAPP COMMUNITY. But I could do it for at most 15 days. I do too much masturbation. It's in my daily routine. And I know the time is now. This time I will destroy this cancer for forever. I am preparing for this day since 2 December 2018. I did it upto 12 decembar, relapsed on 12 december.I don't count this streak.during this days I read different threads on this website Today is my First day for 90 Days. I deleted all urges sources. Instagram YouTube deleted.I uploaded my mobile home page for more information. I deleted all urges sources.Guys please support me.. Thank you NOFAPP COMMUNITY for this awesome platform... extremely Sorry for bad English

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