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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Emanel, Jan 3, 2022.

  1. Emanel

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    hi guys i'm here to ask you for help, i've been for a year in nofap but now it's like i've lost motivation for 2 months to now i fall back every 15 days, as if i don't care anymore, could you give me some reasons to continue?
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  2. DeeJ4y

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    You know deep down that giving up is not an option. I had a phase like that last in 2020 fall when I would relapse every two weeks. Since then I my streaks have become longer in average and I have had record streak as well. Just hang in there. My issue back then was boredom and too mich time online. As well as longing for female companion. Hope you find yours and you will get stronger!
  3. Real Life Survivor

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    Give yourself time, everything in the frigging world has been sexualized, so our brains are literally having to reprogram themselves, thats hard. You're still here, that means you are still trying to make it, and that is a small win to acknowledge, def. Hang in there, we are all struggling too.
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  4. AlexFightsAlex

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    One of the main reasons that I see for doing nofap is to be able to accumulate the sexual energy needed to do stuff in the world that matters. Stuff that helps others and changes their lives improving them. Also to have available that sexual energy available only for your wife or girlfriend is just wonderful.

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