No Nut 2020 Challenge [Support Thread] 365 Day NoFap Hardmode Challenge

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    Welcome to the Official NO NUT 2020 NoFap Hardmode Challenge

    This upcoming decade. We are going to say GOODBYE to all forms of Porn, Masturbation and Porn Substitutes of any kinds to make a positive and permanent change in our lives FOREVER.

    Whether your starting now or 90+ days in, all are welcome to JUMP in on this challenge and avoid pmo for ALL of 2020 and for LIFE. No other time is a good time. Let’s make this new decade count! Let’s start fresh and improve our lives so we can be the best we can be, fap FREE. LETS GO.

    In this thread feel free to ask for advice and ask questions in general. This is all support here. Feel free to also post updates on your reboot and to give others tips and advice to give support during the challenge.

    No Nut 2020 (Hardmode) Rules:

    • No Porn
    • No Masturbation
    • No Self Induced Orgasms of ANY Kind
    • No Porn Substitutes (No looking at clothed woman, nudes, pictures of women features, etc.)
    • No Edging
    • No Fantasizing to the Point of Orgasm (Try to stop fantasizing immediately if you find yourself doing so.)

    Things to know for this challenge:

    • Fantasizing is not a reset. It’s just something that should be avoided, as doing so can make the urges unnecessarily harder to get through or lead to a relapse.

    • Edging (as listed above in the rules list) IS a relapse. Please do not edge. Edging is horrible for dopaminergic receptor repair, it makes the urges incredibly unbearable and worsens symptoms of PIED (Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction).
    • Do NOT think your cured and relapse to test it even if you feel that you are on top of the world. You will be back where you started. (not implying that a relapse sets you back to day 1 because it does not, but you definitely do not want to relapse regardless.)
    • Do not let the flatline (a period during reboot of low libido, depression, anxiety, and other unpleasant symptoms) discourage/frighten you. When the flatline comes, hold on and ride it out. Flatline is a sign of recovery. From my understanding your brain goes into flatline kind of in retaliation from the lack of dopamine from pmoing. Remember, The grass is greener on the other side.
    • Wet dreams do not count as a relapse. Wet dreams are a sign of recovery. You cannot control anything that happens while your unconscious.
    • Always stay strong. Never forget the reason you started NoFap. Never Let your guard down.

    Things that can help prevent relapse and positively impact reboot:

    • Cold showers (relieves urges and depression/anxiety.)
    • Exercise (natural dopamine and endorphin release in the brain and body providing craving reduction and generally is very healthy.)
    • Meditation (works wonders for some people, if it works for you too, consider it a bonus.)
    • Picking up a favorite hobby or engaging in a healthy activity to distract yourself. If you cant do so within the moment. Take deep breathes and focus on them for a minute or two.

    Foods that positively impact and may help promote a faster reboot:

    • Fruits and Vegetables (Bananas, Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots, Strawberries, Watermelon, etc.)
    • Real Fruit Juice (especially orange juice in my experience)
    • Eggs (they contain so many vitamins and nutrients. Probably one of the best foods for rebooting)
    • Milk
    • Meats with Protein

    Things to avoid consuming during reboot:

    • Psychoactive Drugs like marijuana, psilocybin, cocaine, alcohol, ecstasy, etc. (can lower inhibitions and cause you to do things that you may not do when you sober like relapse, and can also negatively impact the dopamine reward system in the brain, one of the most important things you are trying to heal.) Caffeine from soda in my experience has not affected reboot at all really. However, It probably wouldn’t hurt to cut out if you can or lower its consumption.

    Just remember, anything good doesn’t come easy, and if it does, it’s not worth it.


    (P.S. I’m not a moderator or anything. I’m just creating a support thread movement.)

    Good Luck and Happy New Year!
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    No matter how hard things get, we won’t ever relapse ever again. Do whatever it takes this 2020 to just. Stay. Away!
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    I am in. These 365 days will go by much faster than we can imagine now.
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    Day 1 down, I’ve had a few urges but I got through them. I am going to do this.
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    Let's do this! I'm in.
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    I'm in. Let's do this!
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    Day 2 down, going strong. Got urges earlier but not too many. I’m not going to mess up.
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    I envision a PMO free 2020. Let's go!

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