No Nut November Challenge is here!

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  1. That’s my M.O. “You don't want that…” but doing it anyway. Pffft.
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    Day 5! I'm going through a lot mentally and having strong urges to edge to give me relief, just have to remind myself I'm using it as a coping mechanism and I don't actually want to pmo, and to remember all you comrades and to keep the fight alive! Let's do this!
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    I am feeling the same right now, we can get past this, and it is temporary, it will not last. Let's keep strong and conscious.
  4. Me, too.
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  5. You know what? I think it is. I watched porn for few seconds yesterday. I'll reset my counter.
  6. Day 0:

    Things I did to make me go over 10 days:

    When you wake up, take a shower.
    Quit drinking energy drinks.
    Quit eating all kinds of bread.
    Surround yourself with people.
    Go outside and try to do your tasks outside if possible.
    Walk to lose weight.
    Do something you enjoy.
    Don't postpone your goals.
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  8. You just have to say you are in and make it to the end
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  9. Day 5 here. My sleep is not geting better.
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  13. November the 5th here! Last night I dreamt about going PMO, when I woke up this morning I felt so grateful it was just a dream :emoji_dizzy_face:

    I would love to be in that festival, sounds wonderful.

    @A Carolean , try to workout 2-3 hours before bed, and there are nice guided meditation techniques on Netflix (HeadSpace guide) and YouTube also. Maybe anxiety is not letting you rest.

    @AGradeAGuy Stop going self-pity, and start working on yourself, try some time-management and productivity techniques, time is so precious to waste it on the cellphone. Look for the Pomodoro Technique.

    Good luck to everybody! Keep the hard work :emoji_muscle:
  14. I relapsed, I'm trying to sleep earlier, I go to the bed to the hour I want to sleep but, despite that I'm going early I spend 2 hours awake thinking, that thoughts change into dirty ones, so I relapsed, two nights happenend the same thing, I don't know what to do to stop that thoughts in the night.

    I think it's time to think in a solution.

    Btw I'll change the pic later, I think at night or tomorrow in the morning.

    Also this is not my end, I gonna overcome myself, even if I lost this one, the next will be better, was awesome to be here, thanks.
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    5 days completted! I have been busy all day, that is why i post this late, hope you all guys doing good so far too stay strong.
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    Day 5/30. Still going strong so far.
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    Checking in
    5 November
    Sorry Everyone, I relapsed.
    But, I am not gonna give up.
    I will make it the rest of the November.
    There is still a lot to learn, and a lot to achieve.
    Keep going everyone

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