No Nut November

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  1. Anyone planning on doing No Nut November?
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  2. WildPig13

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    More like No Nut For-Life for me :v but yeah, pretty much that's what I'm intending to
  3. I'm thinking about it, but I'm already working on a 30 day stretch (I'll be at 30 days on October 21st) and I'm not sure I want to do another 30 days that soon lol.
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  4. Address007

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    100% I'm doing No Nut November. Just dont follow it up with Destroy Dick December lol
  5. Hahahaha! That's awesome!
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  6. Get_It

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    Holy shit the year goes by fast. Can't believe that its almost time for No Nut November again.
  7. I remember trying last year just for lols (before finding NoFap). I knew I had a problem by then, and that was probably the first time I got serious about it. But then I relapsed a ton during the trial. This time it'll be a different story.
  8. coldhearted

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    Yes of course! Can't wait for November to come:D
  9. You'll have almost a one month lead on everyone else. If your friends bring it up, you should brag a little :)
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  10. Hahahaha!
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  11. Can you do the no nut challenge even if you don’t have any nuts?
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  12. Haha, Nut is just a fancy word for orgasm.
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  13. You dudes are too fancy for me. :)
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  14. I will be taking part. I have also joined the No Nut November subreddit.
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  15. For those who are also active in Reddit, here is the link.

    Here are the terms and conditions of No Nut November (as per subreddit)

    “NoNutNovember FAQs, Rules and Tips (10.25.2019)



    As NoNutNovember comes closer to occurring I'd like to drop a package of information that will help everyone understand what this challenge is, and some FAQ, Rules and more to help as many people succeed this year as possible.


    Q: "I found a Free Nut Coupon online, can I redeem it?" // "Are there any one day freebies?"

    A: No! If you choose to participate in NNN that includes all 30 days. No exclusions, no matter what! The event lasts from Friday, November 1 to Saturday, November 30 (of your local time).

    Q: "If my birthday is in November does that mean that I get a free one-day pass?"

    A: No! As mentioned before you have to go all 30 days without nutting, no exclusions. Birthday sex included.

    Q: "What is nutting?" // "Am I allowed to masturbate without nutting?" // "What if I just dry orgasm?" // "What about pre-cum?"

    A: Although the event is called NoNutNovember the focus of this event is to retain orgasms rather than actually preventing semen or "nut" from coming out. To reiterate, THE NUT IN NONUTNOVEMBER IS ABOUT ORGASM, NOT ABOUT THE FLUIDS THAT COME OUT OF YOUR BODY. That's why masturbation (without orgasm) and pre-cum (without orgasm) are okay but dry orgasms (without nut) and any kind of sex (in which you nut) are not allowed and disqualifies you from the challenge.

    THE NUT IN NONUTNOVEMBER IS ABOUT ORGASM, NOT ABOUT THE FLUIDS THAT COME OUT OF YOUR BODY. That's why masturbation (without orgasm) and pre-cum (without orgasm) are okay but dry orgasms (without nut) and any kind of sex (in which you nut) are not allowed and disqualifies you from the challenge. When asking questions about the challenge of whether you're disqualified or not please refer back to this first sentence of this rule.

    Q: "So I can't even have sex with my SO?"

    A: If you're capable of having sex without orgasm ("just sticking it in and out") then go for it but good luck as any stimulation like that is dangerous.

    Q: "What about wet dreams?"

    A: NoNutNovember is about making the conscious decision not to orgasm, and to fight against sex/porn addictions. If your body betrays you in your sleep, as it most likely will then that's okay you aren't disqualified. Wet dreams are a natural body response that you generally can't control, and is your body's way of flushing old/dead semen.

    Q: "Are girls allowed to participate?"

    A: Yes! As mentioned before, NoNutNovember is about orgasm and not about the semen/fluids that come out so girls are welcome to join as one of the cumrades.

    Q: "But girls have a lower sex drive than boys so that's not fair!"

    A: Stop being an Incel. It's not that serious. And also that isn't always true.

    Q: "What are the rules for the subreddit?"

    A: These answers can be on the subreddit sidebar, but here they are repeated.


    ***Rule 1: Don't nut (clarifications made above as to what a nut is).***

    Try your best to not masturbate (orgasm) for the entire month of November.

    ***Rule 2: No coupons or "one-time freebie" posts.***

    Coupons are illegal and will be treated like illegal contraband on this subreddit. You are disqualified if you nut within November even if you come across a free coupon post. Please do not post any coupon / free related images or links. They will be removed, and repeat offenders will be banned from posting on this subreddit.

    ***Rule 3: NO PORN OR NSFW CONTENT***

    No porn or NSFW content posted with the intention to make people lose at NNN will be tolerated. Suggestive text will be decided on by a case by case basis.

    ***Rule 4: Be Civil.***

    While there are benefits to this challenge, ultimately this is all a big meme and for fun so please be respectful to others participating.

    ***Rule 5: No Secondary Links.***

    No fake or secondary links such as Discord, or the Facebook. We want to congregate as many people participating as possible to create a stable community, so check these out!

    Diamond NoNutter Award 2019

    If you've browsed this sub-reddit you might have seen some flaunting their Diamond NoNutter 2018 Awards, the trophy for actually completing the NoNutNovember challenge (madlads) so I'd like to remind you guys how you're going to get the award this year.

    Roll-calls will begin November 1st and be posted between 6:30 am - 7:30 am CST time (when I wake up to get ready for work). I will try to post them weekly, and one final one on November 30th. So if you're still doing the challenge make sure and come back and check into the roll-calls as many times as you can. There will always be a link in the daily post.

    Hint: Don't just do the first survey and the last survey, or even worse just the last survey because there's a good chance you'll get skipped over. Do as many roll-calls you can. It helps with the data I collect to make the graph at the end of the month.

    Alright, I will come back with the Tips I have compiled very soon! Check back in a few days for an update to this post, and I will most likely make a separate Tips post as well. Also, let me know if you have any questions not answered in this post but please make sure this post was read in its entirety before asking.”
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  16. &&&&&&&&

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    Yep! Last year I couldn't complete NNN, this year I am stronger.
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  17. &&&&&&&&

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    One more thing, the total time should be counted from the timezone on the first day. For eg, On november 1, if I am in timezone +5:00, and fly to zone +3:00, the total time will be based on timezone +5:00 only and not +3:00. Every minute counts
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  18. We can make the timezone rule for everyone. From the 1st of November in Japan, New Zealand and Eastern Russia, all the way to the end of the 30th of November in Alaska. Since its difficult to see who is in which timezone, this standard should apply to everyone.
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  19. Get_It

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    Geeze, you guys are taking it down to Autistic details.

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