No Nut November

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Merak Megrez Mizar, Oct 12, 2019.

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    Just to add a small notch to the challenge.
    And yes I am autistic :)
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    Okay, No Nut November has officially begun today. It's past 3 am in New Zealand 1st of November. Let's do this!
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    It's still about noon on Halloween in Midwestern America, but I like your enthusiasm.
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    This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. NoNut makes me think of squirrels. Coupons??! Oy.
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    My Journal
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    I’m in... well solo activities anyway
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    Okay this is day zero for me for No Nut November.
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    Five survival tips to succeed in No Nut November
    • Survival Tip #1 – Avoid all women
    • Survival Tip #2 – Log off from computer / social media
    • Survival Tip #3 – Avoid risky imagery
    • Survival Tip #4 – Don’t go it alone (when going to the bathroom, don't go alone)
    • Survival Tip #5 – Dress for success (dress more layers)
    Some of the points in this video are made for satirical reasons.
    But we all need some sense of humor to keep us going on No Nut November.
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    1. Stop P / stop P-sub
    2. Do something else when you are triggered
    3. Talk to yourself
      • Enemy is autopilot
      • Maintain control of your internal narrative
      • Talk to yourself / don’t listen to yourself
    4. Physically relax
      • Release the tension
      • Hold the breath for a few seconds
      • Maintain a cold penis
    5. Strategic self-care
      • Pick one thing that will help you
      • Don’t pick a lot of things
    Number 1 reason to fail No Nut November is because of bitch reason (that is just doing something because it is a fashion and not for a genuine reason). Please look at NNN seriously.
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    Good to have my irl friends doing this to have more motivation, not gonna fail this year!
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    No Nut November needs more publicity. Despite it being there for some years, there are some who are still not aware of No Nut November. Some ladies misunderstand that because of the word 'nut' that they can't participate in NNN. Of course, they can if they like.

    Hopefully, in the future, NoFap community should also introduce a Fap Free February and Squirtless September.
  17. Can anybody please explain me, why is NoNutNovember a thing?
    I mean there's a nofap-challenge for every single Month in the Year. And, I get it, NoNutNovember is a funny name. But what made it become an internet meme?

    And when NNN is beyond nofap now, does it mean it's basically only about masturbation and orgasm or does it adress the porn-issue too?

    Why is NNN so hard? I mean you have a very popular Challenge, but it doesn't stop with saying "no MO" it says "no O at all", not even sex with your partner!

    It's monk mode but you're allowed to edge away your day, isn't that strange? Or am I splitting hairs now? But wait, what's the problem with orgasm anyway? Hey, it's like karezza! Karezza also dislikes the orgasm.
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    It basically including abstaining from PMO.

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