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    Had a fucking miserable day. Truly miserable. First, I try to tell my story about my years spent being bullied, but no one cares. Everyone just ignored me. Then, someone made me absolutely livid by making me miss the bus. And just when I thought that's the end, my sister came in when I was about to go take a quick shower, and demanded that I hand it over. I snapped, it probably wasn't the best decision, but I did. Mom came in and told me that I should have memorized my sister's fucking schedule, but I can barely remember my own! Then, I go on and rant about it, because it's my only coping mechanism at this point. It was a mistake, no one cares. No one fucking cares. What's the fucking point of all of this if no one cares?
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    I send you a PM buddy, please try to stay positive now, congratulations on your 4 DAYS pmo free journey, that's a great start ! :)
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    It’s hard when nobody sees what’s going inside the mind of someone battling such a big addiction. I get frustrated sometimes about little things and get laughed at/called a drama queen by others. It’s really not black and white but who knows.
    So what I’m saying is, what you’re feeling is normal! Don’t lose motivation becuse of it. Always come here and vent .. it HELPS!
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    hey guy...just started my own journey here...i too feel lonely alot. i have medical anxiety as well which dosent help. ive been bullied a heck of a lot too ...a lot of people have. anyways if you ever want to talk hmu my guy, we can talk. stay awesome
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    Hey dude,

    My own kin, my flesh & blood, kicked me out on to the streets just a few weeks Canada’s coldest month. Some days it’s even colder here than it is in outer space. I found a way to get by, and I’m actually happier to be out here than surrounded by people who abuse me and call it “love”.

    So I’m not going to tell you everything is okay, but I can tell you that you can be okay. Check me out, my life just collapsed under me and I’m smiling and laughing and singing about it. Yeah, I hear ya, it can be brutal sometimes eh? But you know what to do with that right?

    You just keep on doing your best, always be good to others. Don’t give their misunderstanding selves an excuse to harm you. For a time it will really suck, but you know what that produces in you? When you suffer and suffer and suffer and all you do is good and good and good, that produces rock solid character in you and good character is worth more than gold, fame or anything this world can give you.

    I encourage you to set that as your goal, ‘cuz my one is going to understand you. People like you and I are unfathomable mysteries to most people. We’re enigmas to them. They don’t and can’t know how to deal with us, so we gotta be their elders and lead them gently into not abusing us, with a smile and a grin. Cuz you and I are strong, and it falls to the strong to protect the weak.

    Yeah, perhaps it is unfair, but that’s life man. You just gotta rise up above that unfairness and keep pressing on until you are so high above it that no one can touch you anymore.


    Never forget that. Don’t let them treating you like dirt change your inner narrative about yourself.

    You can make it soldier, strength be with you and wisdom guide you...and courage see you through it all.

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    "Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him." - James Allen

    Give yourself a good punch/slap in the face and do some shadow boxing. Get it all out... because this is an prime example of having low confidence. I too have had my fair share of bullying for many years. Then one day as I got older I had an awakening. I stop caring about other people, and started caring about myself.

    Now realize you're setting your expectations a bit too high of others. 99.9% of people will avoid sensitive matters concerning other people. Why? Because they put themselves first. They don't want to get involved because they have problems of their own. That's life! At the end of the day no one is entitled to put you back on your feet. Only you can do that. Stop thinking that life some drama you see on t.v. or read in books where someone will just come along and take all the pain away.

    It's when people see you at your weakest that you can get taken advantage of. So learn from the past, and better yourself. Are you standing up for yourself? Can you say 'No' or tell someone you got to go? … Do you have some manners to let the lady bath first???
  7. Goo

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    Make yourself worthy of caring about then.
  8. CTRL + DEL

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    If you like, you can talk to me anytime.
    I care bro.

    (This is NOT pity. I just feel like I can help you process things).
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    Bullying affects our self esteem in a very negative way
    But we should understand that it's not our fault
    That bully is behaving like that with others also.....
    For self development ......we should learn fighting combats and make ourselves mentally strong
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  10. Dimitri the king 2

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    Help will always be given here. You are on day 8 and around this time your testosterone goes to the roof, your body and mind feel a change. Even people around you feel the change.

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