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    Hi everybody
    It’s my first time
    I’m usually user of porn for fap.
    I’m aware that I lost a lot of time,
    Overall, I use to fap when I don’t have nothing to do, or in especial time of day.
    I never had a girlfriend o relationships with girl o something more.
    Just my hand
    I need help
  2. drac16

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    Well, you came to the right place. I hope you enjoy your time here.
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  3. lfromcr

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    @Darci28, welcome to the community. My husband has been in your shoes. He tells his guys to find a goal that's bigger than the pleasure, and understand how seeking that kind of pleasure keeps you from those goals.

    You mentioned never having a girlfriend, so I assume that is a goal of yours.

    Having new knowledge may be a good way to change your mindset about PMO so you can eventually get (and KEEP) a girlfriend:

    -During the first 8 weeks in the womb, all babies' brains are alike.

    -In the 8th week in the womb the communication and relationship parts of boys' brains are washed away by testosterone. Infant boys, therefore, aren't born with these parts intact. (Louanne Brizendine, Researcher)

    -It's a little more difficult for them at first, but brains are plastic so boys can learn over time how to communicate and have relationships.

    -BUT Porn/Masturbation can keep parts of the brain from developing (Gary Wilson, Researcher)​

    To me this makes it all the more important to stop PM-ing if a guy wants girlfriends/long-term relationships.

    Knowing what is going on and how stopping PM can help you grow those two parts of your brain may be a good place to start.

    As a bonus, you'll have more time to sharpen those skills by researching communication/relationship techniques.

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