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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Danielson28, Mar 4, 2016.

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    This NoFap thing is torture when you can not tell your nearest and dearest what you are going through. I have to dump it all on here to get a release from my shitty moods when I am alone. During the week when I am with work colleagues I seem to be ok and my mood lifts but at the weekends the urge to resort to PMO again comes rushing back. I have recently split from my wife of 18 months in that time I suffered ED so this is my savour to cure that awful feeling of rejection and weakness I felt mentality and physically. so weekends are torture when I sit alone I have too long to think about things and need a release from thoughts and feelings. I'm currently on a 51 day streak from P but unfortunately keep releapsing with MO, I don't know if I am in a flatline period it's hard to tell but mood swings are a hard thing when you are on such a journey trying to give up this addiction, I have given up this to better me as a person to change my life for good, why can I not just see the positives and get past this shit mind state!
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    look man you have to get yourself up, it wont be easy but you have to quit MO , its super hard at first and i know about the mood swings and they will keep coming back untill you stop. its like a vicious cycle and it wont end . EVER. unless you believe in yourself . you need to get involved in something so you stop going back to all those feeling, get out there meet some new girls . its not easy and most of the times you'll be rejected , i do anyway XD. But still in the end , trust me you wont feel bad about it , cause its better than sitting at home and jerking off. Last one week man, and itll get easier , it always does :)
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    This is so much harder than I thought it would be, giving up P is an achievement but the MO wow what a hold this has on me, I will beat this addiction and I will stop MO. Thanks for the reply dude true words spoken on here really hit home on what everyone is trying to achieve, this community will help us all reach our goals.
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    If it wasn't hard to do, it wouldn't be worth it.
    Of course it's hard, and that's why it is said to give "superpowers".
    Once you've done this, you have a strong control over yourself, and you know how to get over mighty obstacles.
    It'll take time : this habit won't disappear within a few days, but it's worth it.

    Don't you have things you could do during the weekend ?
    Like sports, seeing friends, going out, planning travels. It does not matter what it is, as long as it brings you out of your home and helps you not staying alone.
    Can you list the things you could do ? Not big things, but things you want to do and that will help you going out ?
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    Brother- like never_again said, you have to first accept that this journey will be tough and you will fail. Commit to long term recovery and have a plan- especially for your weekends.
    So many options:
    Get a new hobby
    Find events and groups on
    Manage the mood swings by learning meditation( it will help you to just observe the moods as opposed to reacting to them)
    Make sure you are never alone on weekends
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