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    Im a healthy guy, with gym always comes diet and restrictions, im kinda getting used to that life, switching between cutting and bulking, knowing what to put in my diet plan and all that.

    I was fat so i cutted sugar from my diet and when i lost all my desired weight i reintrudeced sugar to the diet in small controled ways, but since i started the no PMO challenge im craving sugar every single day, condensed milk, ice cream, candy, chocolate, all that crap all the time.

    I read articles yesterday talking about how sugar affects your dopamine system, it feels like a reward for your brain, and maybe theres a correlation with my no PMO and this sudden crave for sugar, maybe i had too much PMO and when i cutted that off too and the dopamine rush was gone, and sugar was a way for my brain to substitute PMO and get the same results.

    Have anyone had the same experience? Fighting two battles with very addictive enemys?
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    I am currently on a long and arduous cut phase. Pre new year i started my first reboot where i was not on the diet as i wanted to get christmas and home done out of the way so i was still consuming large quantities of sugar (chocolate, soda e.t.c)

    At the start of this year i started my diet and exercise and also a new reboot due to relapse. I have cut out the majority of sugar products from my diet and the only sugar i generally add is in my morning coffee or a sprinkle on my cereal and im now almost 3 weeks into this diet and exercise and i havent touched anything that i deemed i needed to cut out. I would say the only craving i get is for chips and salt but other than that i seem to be pretty focus and determined to finally shed the weight and keep it off (this is my first go at a diet)

    i have read of people having success with diets when they allow themselves a cheat day as a reward so potentially that is where the dopamine fix/craving is coming from if that is how you have structured your diet but personally for me i have found no direct link between rebooting and sugar
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    Sugar is the last soluble carbohydrate that any man should eat.

    It lowers Testosterone, makes you fat since it is very easy to overspill into fat stores (since it goes to the liver which holds up to 100 grams of sugar on average) and is one of the most addictive substances out there.

    It definitely feels like a reward since it is a superstimulus just like Porn (nothing in nature comes close to the effect that sugar has on your body, especially what you listed since it's got the fat calories to go along the sugar).

    I haven't had "unnatural" sugar for half a year (except the sugar that I get in fruits and vegetables).

    I'm feeling like Superman. I lost about 10 pounds after eliminating these unnatural foods. My Dopamine is high as fuck too.
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    Eating sugar creates a very short boost in willpower. But in the long term, eating sugar wrecks havoc on our willpower. You want your blood sugar level to be stable to have willpower.

    While giving up sugar is difficult, when you have given it up and the worst cravings are gone, you will be more disciplined and it will be easier to stop other addictions and make healthier choices.

    I would say sugar should be the first thing we quit. Because quitting other things will be easier then. If you don't want to give it up completely, at least restrain yourself from eating added sugar more than once a week.
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  5. You should be decorated with a medal.

    You'll stand out in your school without making a lot of efforts.
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  6. You lose your urge for processed sugar within ~8 days if you cut it out altogether.
    Salt for example takes a lot longer.
    Recommend substituting the unhealthy food you crave with something better.
    Crave a Twinky? Have an apple/banana instead, or two!

    Good luck!
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