No PMO: Ever considered chastity devices?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by notAlone, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. notAlone

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    Hello guys,

    I'm quite new here (2 months and a half), and I'm currently on a rebooting challenge (70/90 days in, and this is my first try :D), but I see that we all share the same (more or less) goal, which is to abstain from PMO.

    And I think there is a way to calm down our urges with what is called a chastity device (or cage). This might sound weird if you don't know it, but it actually helped me tremendously during my reboot, and it still does!

    What is a chastity device?
    Well, a chastity cage is something that you put on your genital to prevent the wearer from masturbating. There are plenty of device types, from plastic to metal, and even silicone.
    The idea is to wear one on a regular basis, with a padlock securing it. Personnally, I wear it sometimes during the day (= waking up, putting it on, and removing it right before bed time, as I know I will not masturbate during the night).
    There is a lot of people that wear one to abstain from masturbating too much.

    Why would it help me as a fapstronaut?
    The thing with chastity devices is that normally you can't touch yourself, as some plastic/metal/silicone is wrapped around your penis. Moreover, there is a padlock, which prevents any removal without a key.
    So, I guess you see where it could help you, as you can figure ways to keep your key away, or not reacheable until a certain amount of time (time where you will most likely cool down and avoid any relapse).
    For instance, when I use mine, I put the key in a water bottle and then put the bottle in the freezer. Therefore, the key is in the middle of a large iceblock, which takes a long time before melting. So, when urges to fap are kicking in, by the time the ice melts, the urges are no longer here.

    So this prevents pretty much the MO side of PMO, which is already 2/3 of it! With a simple object.

    Isn't it risky in terms of penis health?
    There are a lot of controversy about this, but no real study.
    I know people who used a chastity device for many years 24/24 7/7 without any issue regarding penis health or shape/length. I did a LOT of research on this, and nobody ever talked about issues, but only benefits, since it also helps if you're in a relationship (= focusing on your GF much more, and such, pretty much the same goal as NoFap in a way)

    How much does it cost?
    Here is the tricky question: you can find some good "starters kit" (= plastic) that are around 20 bucks, but this are often chinese quality (= breaks easily). However it is a good way to see if that suits you before going on with metal ones that are made to measure (= 150+ bucks), if this is something of your interest.

    As I don't want to post triggers, we can discuss it in PM if you are interested :)
    Anyway, I'm interested in your thoughts here as well!
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  2. RiBo

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    I've never considered buying a chastity belt and would never buy one, because:
    • It feels old fashioned, something that was promoted in Victorian days to discourage masturbation and punish people for trying to do so.
    • It won't be a true test for my patience. Chastity belt would make abstaining from masturbating easier but I want to experience this challenge in the hardest way possible, so that I'm mentally stronger and in charge of my body.
    • It's too costly. Also it is rarely available here.
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  3. I find chastity devices rather interesting and have contemplated using one in the future now and then. I still live at home so getting one without someone seeing it would be a problem.

    I feel that the chastity's use is ok in the event that a person is addicted to masturbation in such a way that they have almost no control of their desire. It should only be used as a last resort.

    I advise that after the 90 day challenge with the chastity on taking it off afterwards and going 90 days again to train your mind to handle the desire with no chastity.

    Interesting thread!
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  4. notAlone

    notAlone Fapstronaut

    Well, I thought like you the first time I saw this, but the thing is now chastity devices are getting used more and more by people, and it's now a way of style for many. So, of course the chastity device has this negative connotation from the middle age and whatnot, but nowadays it's the exact opposite. Every couple who uses it are happy with it.
    Onto your second point, I admire your willpower there. However I know everybody has their weakness, so the chastity device can help you in the desesperate cases (it's like using the panic button, if you will, only this never happens "too late").
    As for your 3rd point, I can't argue: it has a price, that's for sure. However as I said there are some cheap starting devices to check it out :)

    Well, the thing with it is that you no longer worry about if you can abstain. You have to, since you need the key to unlock it. But I get your point, and you're right :)

    Concerning the 90 days challenge, I've done the most part without any chastity device ;)
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  5. Septimus

    Septimus Fapstronaut

    I did think about it, but several things held me back: what if I found myself in the embarrassing position of having to explain it? For example, going through a metal detector, or something like that. What happens if I lose the key? Or if I have to go to the doctor or emergency room in a hurry? It could be very embarrassing for me.
  6. Ekhangel

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    What if you need to do toilet during the day?! Is there a special hole?
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  7. bomonti

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    I think it's like going to live in prison for a person just to avoid commiting a crime. To me it makes no sense, I dont mean to offend though. I just wanna be free of an addiction, not to supress it with old fashioned objects. Also, what about if you have an erection, a morning wood or just a natural one when you are interacting with a girl. I have no problems with erections come naturally, my problem is PMO. Think twice about this.
  8. zen_road_to_awe

    zen_road_to_awe Fapstronaut

    chastity devices are also a bit of a kink for many and can be triggering. They are often used for "erotic" denial, where the idea is to get frustrated and built up but then eventually "released". Sooner or later it is removed, and like taking a dog off the leash you are likely to want to play.

    The whole thing really just keeps your brain focused on sex and masturbation by way of it's explicit restraint and the additional focus on your genitals... It is something that will constantly draw your attention to it, and do you really need MORE focus on your genitals right now?

    While this may seem like a helpful tool to some, psychologically I think it is a trap.
  9. nfprogress

    nfprogress Fapstronaut

    In other threads, I noticed that there were a subset of guys who tended to have night relapse syndrome, where they wake up, are horny, and then within minutes (sometimes seconds), a relapse is well under way (or completely over). I think either a chastity device or other protective clothing might be a good idea for them simply to put a barrier between relapse and give a little extra time. Sometimes it only take a few seconds of sanity to right the boat and keep the ship sailing.

    Maybe recommended for those with overactive hands. From the threads I have read however, it seems to have more negatives than positives (one of which being that the device would draw unnecessary attention to the area and wouldn't help to get your mind off it all).
  10. Spidey2Dope

    Spidey2Dope Fapstronaut

    Nah I wouldn't wear one. But if it helps some go for it!
  11. freelocked

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    I know this is an old thread but just wanted to give my two cents about chastity devices.

    I am new to this site, i found it doing a web search on help to remain chaste. I may be considered odd by some, in that, while I have at some points in my life have seen P, done M and had O, I have never been addicted to P or M, however, O to me is a purely natural human desire, that is ok in the appropriate setting.

    I also found out about something else in my search, chastity devices. My purpose in my search was because to will yourself to be able to do anything is wonderful. But some of us just need physical things to help us.

    Its no different than a software block, or careful entertainment choices. Those are blocks in place. Why do you need those if you have great will power? Because, it is just in case. It reminds you that you just can't, you shouldn't and thus you won't. It gets you past those critical moments.

    I am in a situation where my wife has multiple health issues that requires me to stay celibate. I was looking for something, anything to help curb my natural desires. Chastity devices became the saving grace for me.

    I went to my Dr., then a urologist, trying to find out what I could do, what I could take, to help me. I tried medicine, which has risks involved. I was desperate to find resolution.

    Then I read a post about a gentleman who was in my similar situation. He went the same route I had traveled. He spoke of how he ended up in a chastity device and viewed it as a way of honoring and respecting his wife and sanctity of their union.

    I found the same to be true. It is completely safe, yet an effective method of control. I am self-monitoring, yet I yearn to be loyal as a result of its presence. It symbolizes my love, devotion and commitment to my wife and best friend.

    We all have an opinion, we are all different. What works for one, may not for the other.

    But, as someone who is now on day 376 of 24/7 locked chastity, I can tell you that I feel better about my success than I ever have.

    For me, it is permanent. This commitment to be locked in chastity is for life. It becomes a part of you, just like wearing glasses or anything else. I even consulted my doctor who was thrilled I had found a possible solution, and was encouraged to follow it through and I had full support.

    Success sometimes comes in ways you don't expect. Be open minded to what can improve your life. Whatever it takes to reach your goals.

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