No PMO for 60 days, Absolutely No benefits so far !!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by md70, May 23, 2018.

  1. md70

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    hey fellas
    i'm new here but i've knew this community since years before
    ok let's go straight to the point (sorry for my bad English)
    i was a serious porn addict for 11 years (sometimes i sit behind my laptop and watch porn for 6 hours straight!! and after reaching orgasm i am literally dead!), i didn't masturbate that much though (2-3 times a week)
    after years i've developed social anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of energy, weak memory, hair loss and list goes on ... btw i've gone to the doctor and blood tests were fine and nothing serious was wrong with my body except vitamin D deficiency and i'm not willing to take anti anxiety/depression meds
    finally i decided to try this nofap thing people are bragging about

    so far 60 days, no masturbation no orgasm and just occasionally watching porn for a brief moment (just old habit!!), also since 7 days ago i am porn free and decided to never watch porn again
    until now there wasn't any benefits, all of my symptoms persisted and even some of them got worse! although there have been a one big change and that is my libido which is completely gone, i don't even get tempted to watch porn and i feel like a 90 years old man. i dont have ED and i can get a full erection if i want but since past two months i have no desire toward sexual activities including porn or dating a girl!!

    anyways despite no real benefits so far i am not going to relapse because that is my past which i regret and i will continue on my journey.

    any useful advise would be appreciated

    p.s: i will update this post if anything positive happened
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  2. IDoTheBestICan

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    Not good at english myself:

    I myself feel that I´m not having so much benefits with nofap. When I´m meeting people, especially girls, it feels like I only have thoughts of sex and that I have problems of concentrating on what they say...

    I even sometimes have´pre-cum´ and this getting really umbarrasing.

    I think I may masturbate some so I maby don´t have it this way!
  3. SwedishViking

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    For some people it takes longer to notice benefits. Traditional Chinese medicine explain this by: The longer you have been depleting your body with masterburation, the longer it will take to recover. Also it is important to stop fantization because this drains energy.

    Nocturnal emissions slows down recovery and can be reduced by doing this exercise daily: (11:14) Basically just reach for your toes so you can feel a stretch in your legs. If you want to know more about this I suggest you visit this thread: It contains very valuable information that has worked for many, despite the psuedo scientific tone to the thread.

    Congratulations on 60 days btw!
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  4. Did you say you watched some porn throughout your 60 days? You should’ve reset every time you watched it. Your body has changed to seek porn very strongly and by using it, you’re keeping it alive, you haven’t gone far into your recovery if you’re still using
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  5. Clean Plate

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    No, that is not NOFAP. I only read until here and stopped. You must stop EVERYTHING related to PMO. Some claim orgasming with a partner helped, I am not one of those. Anyway, the reason why you are still experiencing symptoms is because you ocasionally watch porn. I would reset your progress man. What are you trying to do? Stop the habit?What is your reason for joining NOFAP?
  6. That kind of thread is pretty dangeours to the noFAP community, you are not doing the necessary to recover and at the same time, you're publishing wrong diagnostics and results to those who are sceptics seeking diferent experiences from other people. I suggest you to delete this topic, once you realize you were following the wrong path.

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  7. maz20

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    Do you have sex? Not sure if this sounds heretical against NoFap, but imo the main problem with fapping is just that fapping can "short-circuit" to sexual gratification devoid of actual sex.

    Basically, the whole point of "sex" drive is to have sex, and however your sex drive works you should acclimate to getting/having sex. However, depending on the circumstances, fapping can potentially (not necessarily saying it "will 100%") short-circuit you from desiring/pursuing sex as a means of sexual gratification.

    At the same time, however, I wouldn't recommend doing long stretches of NoFap if you aren't simultaneously having sex in the interim. Sure, with NoFap you can turn off from fapping/PMO as a means of sexual gratification, but if you don't end up gratifying your sex drive somehow, you can end up in flatline (which is what you currently seem to be experiencing).

    tl;dr -- the purpose of "fapping" is just to keep your sex drive / libido up, as in towards/pursuing/having actual sex itself. Not to replace it with whatever else as a means of actual gratification.
  8. md70

    md70 Fapstronaut

    dude i was a porn addict for more than 10 years, this is serious, i was watching porn for 6 hours straight sometimes, obviously i couldn't quit porn just one night, in past 2 months i managed to watch porn just a few minutes in a weak (i said not for pleasure, just old habits), that is progress i guess!! and since 7 days ago i'm not watching porn at all and i'm not even tempted to do so (old habit died i guess). i'm feeling i dont like porn and i dont need porn anymore. so this is not what you people are thinkin and i'm doing great in my opinion.

    yeah yeah, everybody should post i'm doing PMO for example n days and i'm feeling like superman
    you can skip these kind of topics and read what u want
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  9. md70

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    no i don't have sex and because of my social anxiety i cant date anyone! but this is not a major problem for me, i'm not seeking sex and i dont mind being single i just want to get rid of my problems and become healthy like 5 6 years ago.
  10. maz20

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    Lol well yes I did sound kinda preachy there but I stand behind it! : P We all know the biological/evolutionary purpose behind why sex drive/gratification is there anyway, I'd say it's our biological purpose to follow it! Besides, I think trying to pursue it will do wonders for that "social" anxiety as well ; )
  11. You’re right, that is major progress, but I think the main concern is the P and your counter should reflect that, it’ll only help you
  12. Awakening123

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    Porn is even worse than masturbation. The implications of porn addiction are far severe than that of masturbation addiction. For me (and I believe for most of us), I am addicted to fapping because of porn. I never had an urge to fap; it was always to watch porn which always led to fapping.
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  13. MarinoBigFan1984

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    I was flat a full 60 days before I saw any gains
  14. BringItUp

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    I’m taking a product from Whole Foods called “charged”. It is helping me with my T levels
  15. p3rs0nal

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    You should compare it to other addiction's. A person who want's to stop smoking stimulates his brain by smoking, even it's not as often as in the beginning. It is like you'r giving your brain the taste of porn which still stimulates him. So i would say you'r on a 8 day streak instead of a 60 day streak. But you improved alot, now you just have to loose tie ends
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  16. Dagger323

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    If you are watching porn, you are not rebooting. You can't only go half way with this. You must go all the way to see benefits. It has also been reported by countless individuals on these forums that it may take even longer than 90 days to achieve your goals depending on the individual and the addiction level. PAWS is a real thing. Look it up. Some people experience withdrawal symptoms for as much as two years after quitting PMO. The best mindset to have during this is that it is going to be a permanent lifestyle change and you are in this for the long haul. You can't make exceptions when it comes to PMO addiction...
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  17. TGtheoutsider

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    This is most likely a flatline man....... keep going and stay strong! Wait until you are at least 90 days before you relapse. You'll most likely feel benefits by then.

    Also: Make sure that you do other self improvement things next to nofap, such as going to the gym, meditation, cold showers and journalling. This way you become more engaged to nofap and this helps to avoid relapse.
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  18. md70

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    ok thank u all, since i posted here i feel a little better!! (that's funny)
    as i said i'm not complaining just explaining what happened to me so far, i am determined to quit PMO no matter what happens to me, i'm sure i'm on the right track but apparently i should be more patient and quit porn once and for all.

    i will update my first post in the coming days or months and see what happens
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