No Pornovember 2020 - Prayer Challenge

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    Here’s a challenge for ‘No Pornovember’ (November).
    Pray for 7 days, at least twice daily, for each of our fellow brothers and sisters on NoFap.

    You can choose to pray for them as a group or by name. Any 7 days (1 week) during ‘No Pornovember.’

    I’m starting on the 1st. You’ll be in my prayers.
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  2. Outside

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    Thanks @Azzure -- I'm in on this!
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  3. Wonderful! I have had some good experiences doing this so far.
    1] it's helped motivate me to pray daily
    2] it's helped me pray for others
    3] it's helped me appreciate the Atonement of Jesus Christ
    4] and it's helped me see myself in the same position as those I'm praying for Mosiah 4:16-19

    Another thing I've found myself doing is using usernames for people, this has helped me feel love for that person and I find I can plead for the Lord's help with a little more urgency and sincerity. It's funny though, sometimes I will say, 'please bless all the Fapsters' on NoFap.' :):):) I know He knows who I mean.
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