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    you are chatting and replying all over this website, but are too busy to reply to my simple query regarding creating a group ( which i asked on monday ). honestly, i cant comprehend why anyone would act in such an unprofessional way.
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  2. You have been directed by a MA with instructions on creating a group.
    Creating a group isn't a simple query, as groups are rigid parts of the website, that requires some permissions and moderating duties.
  3. yes i read all that the MA wrote and the group i have in mind qualifies on both the points.
    the query i sent to matthew the mod was what information he required from me to create it. he did not reply. i think that this query is pretty straightforward. buddy, it ain't a trick question !
    and creating a group is a task, not a query ( like you erronouesly stated ).
    and i am not saying that the group should be created within an hour after i submit all the required information about it. i know it is not a simple task. but the query should be answered so that we can move to the next stage ( i.e. the stage of actually creating the group ).
  4. Hey Raymond, I understand why you are upset and I do apologize. Things are always so busy around here it often takes me some time to get to PMs. But I do get to them. I'll have a look soon to see about your proposal.
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  5. its alright buddy. i guess things really are very hectic at the nofap headquarters !
    my apologies for soeaking in a harsh tone.
    i have sent you a message outlining the group features and the group's core philosophy. do message me if you have any question or doubts or suggestions related to it.

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