No Screen Challenge: A Complete Comprehensive Guide

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    Hi folks, this is a repost of a guide I had made when I was on the site in 4y ago. Hope it helps some!

    What is NoScreen, and what is it not?

    NoScreen is a challenge where one abstain from viewing screens for one day. Different modes are possible, each with its own difficulty. NoScreen is just about screens, so if you want for example to call a friend and your landline phone don’t have a screen, it’s perfectly ok. It’s totally up to you to decide anything. It’s really just a challenge. If you are interested in testing your self-control and self-discipline on something else than PMO, that could be an interesting experience for you.

    Why NoScreen?

    NoScreen is a challenge to better yourself and aid PMO reboot. There are several valuable reasons for one to abstain from screens for one day.
    _ Better and more profound sleep, and possibly easier to fall asleep.
    _ Possibly reduced headaches and eyes aches.
    _ Thrill of challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone.
    _ Increased self-discipline.
    _ Procrastination can be reduced if you choose to do stuff.
    _ Great opportunity to take a day for you to breathe and relax.
    _ Taking your mind off PMO by focusing on something else.

    Choose your way

    _ Extreme mode: no screen whatsoever. LCD, computer, phone, mp3 player, digital watch, ANYTHING. This is not for the faint hearted and actually may be impossible to do unless you're in a very controlled environment, and I'm not sure it has a point.
    _ Digital mode: watching only digital screens, including watch, pedometers, stuff like that.
    _ No music mode: if you only have music on your non-digital mp3 player and your computer and can’t listen to CDs or vinyls, you can choose not to listen to music on that day. It has other benefits.
    _ Music allowed mode: only authorizing yourself to watch your mp3 player screen, if it's not your phone of course. It’s just about self-control and discipline.
    _ Different modes can be adapted to what you wish. No computer, no television, no phone, it’s up to you. You are your own master and only you know what’s best for you.

    Prepare yourself

    _ Choose your day carefully. If your work doesn’t require you to work with any screen, you might want to try it that day. Otherwise, wait for weekends or holidays. Put all the odds in your favour!
    _ Answer all your important emails. Do all the Internet stuff you have to do. You can warn your family, friends, your work, that you won’t be able at all to be contacted on this special day - depending of course on the mode you choose.
    _ Make a list of all the things you wish to accomplish on this day if your goal is to avoid boredom at maximum. This is especially useful to avoid PMO or if productivity is your goal.Know your boredom triggers and avoid them, or embrace the boredom and make it creative.

    Embracing boredom

    NoScreen is not supposed to bore you, unless you choose so. It’s an excellent way of doing stuff that you normally procrastinate because of what you’re doing on screens, or because you work using a screen. You have to make this day special, because it is. It’s a special day just for you. Here are some /very basic/ few ideas to kill boredom:
    _ Do the dishes.
    _ Do laundry.
    _ Do similar chores
    _ Clean your entire place, or even just your room. Clean your space, clean your mind.
    _ Read a book you’ve always wanted to read or have to finish.
    _ Pamper yourself in a home spa.
    _ Take a long walk without money in your pockets.
    _ Visit a place you’ve always wanted to visit.
    _ Play an instrument.
    _ Exercise more than usual.
    _ Work! As long as it doesn't involves a screen. Don’t forget to take regular breaks.
    _ Prepare in advance a few recipes and cook your own especially good meals. Bonus point if they’re healthy.
    _ Do groceries in advance.
    _ Meal prep.
    _ Be creative. Express yourself. Paint, draw, write, play, write a song, etc.
    _ If you’re religious, pray. If there is a celebration of your religion on that day, try to attend it.
    _ Meditate, do breathing exercises.
    _ Nap. Rest.
    _ Go watch an exhibition, do stuff you’ve always wanted to do.
    _ If you stay at home, put on your comfiest clothes. If you go out, put on your fav outfit.
    _ Do a gratuitous kindness act: randomly give to a homeless, for example.
    _ Write in a journal.
    _ Learn a new skill.
    _ Step out of your comfort zone.
    _ Educate yourself. Read books on stuff that interest you. Visit museums, read self-bettering books, stuff like that.
    _ Take some special time with your family.
    _ Pet your pet.
    _ Try stuff you never did before.
    _ Be extra kind.
    _ Play games such as sudokus and such.

    After NoScreen

    If you had a good experience, you might consider to redo it. A good basis would be to couple it with a GYST (Get Your Shit Together) day, once a week. This way it makes it a special day dedicated to self-care.

    Thanks for reading, have fun, and don't hesitate to add suggestions I will update the OP!
  2. Infrasapiens

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    Quite a challenge. Nowadays it is hard to go through the day without looking at one. I will try to do it when I have a free day.
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  3. yourhomieishere

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    That's hard for me because I need to use screens for a lot of my hobbies. I need to be able to use my phone as the remote to my Canon camera to take my stop motion pictures.
  4. Eleanor

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    Wow interesting! I want to give it a try in summer
  5. Anne-Dauphine

    Anne-Dauphine Moderator Assistant

    You can always decide to do a social media detox for a day then :) The thing about this is that it's really adaptable. Btw stop motion is a very cool hobby!
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  6. yourhomieishere

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    Thank you, I make superhero movies out of Lego. Guess I'm gonna be having some no social media days since my phone got smashed in a car door :emoji_grimacing:
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  7. brilliantidiot

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    Unfortunately I have to be on the computer at least a little because of work. Great idea though.
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  8. Force Majeure

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    I have already been doing this challenge for nine months! However, not for the whole day, just for the evening. In the challenge, it's completely up to you which time you decide to use as a deadline when to stop using screens, so if you want to use 05:00 as deadline, sure go ahead. My deadline is set to 22:25, which makes me get a good night's sleep almost every night.
  9. Deadlihood

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    This doesn’t count.
  10. Anne-Dauphine

    Anne-Dauphine Moderator Assistant

    Yeah I saw your thread! I decided to post my version because I put it up like 3y ago :)
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  11. TrafficSignal

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    Thank you
  12. Tzion

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    I tried this out this last Sunday. It was actually both a very interesting time and a very boring time.

    I turned my phone off and took off my smart watch from the morning until about 8 pm. I enjoyed the freedom of not looking at my email to see if anything came in. It also forced me to focus on my family all day instead of between moments of me looking at my phone. This also meant that at times the day dragged by since I couldn't waste time on my phone. I will keep this up in the future.

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