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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by muterabbit, Feb 27, 2018.

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    How many options for women does muterabbit have?
    188,000,000 million options !

    World population (live) … 2/28/2018, Wednesday
    Current population = 7,591,784,538 ........ (So about 7.5 billion)
    Current male population (50.4%) = 3,829,355,595
    Current female population (49.6%) = 3,762,428,943

    Our male Fapstronauts age is about 33 years. Most men accept a woman close to their age. So his 'acceptable' age range for women for is 28-33 years -- or approx. 5 years.

    So he has an approx. 5 year range for women …….. That would be 5% of the available 100% of women on earth.

    3,762,428,639 X 5% = 188,121,431 (188 millions options)


    He has approximately 188,000,000 million options for women !!!!!!!

    So mute rabbit has 188,000,000 options!
    [You have the freedom to call yourself anything you like. IMHO you may be negatively ’labeling’ yourself. Can you check on changing your name? Your choice 100%. Maybe a more positive, actualizing label? ) How about ….. “Boot Rabbit” ……. he doesn’t take crap off of prima donnas [selfish women]. Doesn’t have time for them. But rather wisely…… calmly……. and quickly “Moves On” [another Fapstronaut’s advice] to healthier women. *Note to mute rabbit or BootRabbit……. As your days go higher and higher…… your confidence around women goes Up. Your attractiveness to them goes UP. And your patience with selfish women…….goes DOWN (remember the “Move On” advice).

    I encourage us all to write 188,000,000 million options down. I just did. (Save it for yourself, brothers and any men you meet.) If you don’t you will probably forget. (I did forget -- and I did the calculations just 2 weeks ago!) 188,000,000 million options is Very…….Encouraging…… and Actualizing [makes you take action.]

    The world is at muterabbit's/bootrabbit's
    [and our] fingertips -- his 'playground of options.' :)

    188,000,000 million options !

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    Only 188,000,000 million options I want moar!
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    You sound like a student of RSD. I like them.

    Hmmmmmm. If I were to back track and think of what advice to give in terms of a lower paradigm, I'm not sure that I can. Role models, stepping out of your comfort zone, handling pain / problems / negative experiences, it all helped me. Maybe I just got lucky with experiences and the people around me. I don't really have advice that can help someone unless they go through the necessary experiences and find the answers themselves. I'm too fucking high level.... lol joking. Just not too good at teaching I guess.
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    My one and only ex is my 22-year-old co-worker. She approached me on Facebook, and I had no idea what to do. I came on strong at first with the romance and feelings, even though we barely knew each other, because I was terrified I’d never get another chance at romance. She’s generally still friendly at work, but avoids me outside of work. She has a big heart, the patience of a saint, because I now realize I put her through the wringer. I feel awful about scaring her like that. On one hand, I feel like I don’t deserve to be with a woman. On the other hand, I feel like maybe I can learn from this and treat women better.

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