No success though hard mode: 1 year! No P: 6 years

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by lss465, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. lss465

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    Hi everyone,

    I started PMO at the age of 13 and I did it till I was 25. 6 years ago I met my wife and since then I have never watched porn again.
    One year ago, after still suffering from ED and PE, I decided to do hard mode.

    Hard mode helped me to controll my urges or some kind of hypersexuality. That is positive.
    Nevertheless I am flatlining again, erection is very bad. At first I thought things improved after nine months, but now again: no libido, very weak erection.

    I am in good shape, I sleep a lot, eat healthy food and I meditate.

    Next goal: 1,5years AND if things don't improve I will try treatment (2,5 or 5mg per day) and will start having sex again.

    I feel very frustrated but I wanted to share my experience to you.
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  2. scjguy

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    Since you're married, are you sure your ED is not because you somehow don't feel very aroused by your wife? There may be a number of reasons for this. I'm not saying you should try it with another woman, but how can one know?
    I mean, honestly, if you've been 6 years away from porn, I doubt it still has any effect on you, man...
    Can you reach a solid erection by fantasizing?
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  3. lss465

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    No, fantasizing does not help. I can get aroused in the morning, but no erection.
    Porn is not an issue in my life anymore.
    I went to an urologist, everything is alright physically.

    I have no Instagram, Facebook etc. . My wife is the only woman that matters for me. And she is attractive.

    Six years ago it took me around 8 months to rewire to a real woman. But I suffered from PE. I think I am severe case. ED improved a bit, but not significantly.

    After one year of hard mode I think that I somehow need to rewire again. But I am also quite sure that some important pathways are damaged. I hope pills can help me to strengthen the important ones.
  4. Chappie77

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    Can you get erect and masturbate to ejaculation?
  5. lss465

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    One year ago it was definitely possible. But is was actually the reason why I started hard mode.
    I was only possible to get erect or to have intercourse by getting hand stimulated by my partner.
    I thought hard mode would made it possible that I could get a strong AND LASTING erection just by seeing, feeling or getting closer to my partner. But never reached that. But that must be the goal!

    I was in a relationship at the age of 15 - 18. Everything was perfect. But then I was single for seven years and I was pmoing very, very much. This period made me to a severe case.
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