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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by BrighterFuture, Sep 17, 2021.

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    I feel so left out because I'm the last child of the family and my parents broke up before i was even born, I've lived a decent healthy life, but it seems like never felt safe, I always talk back to anyone who got in my way or attacked me, because I was thrown around with hardly any guidance, lately I was told as a joke on multiple times that "you are the last mistake you know that?" or "if you're never born, do you think we would've been living in a better house?"
    I knew from the start, no one wanted me, even those who do, do because they use me for their own benefit some way or the other, I'm smart and worked so hard on myself to reach this point, that's why I don't understand when I call close friends they're either busy with themselves or just never answers my calls, are they avoiding me? what did I do wrong? I'm going through so much right now and I can't seem to find someone who would listen to my mess, I've reached a point where I want to lock myself in my room and start a fire to end my life, I'm not crazy, in fact I've never been addicted to anything except PMO, but it seems like I no longer worth anyone's attention, or maybe I'm really crazy but I have not noticed yet, who knows.
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    mmm boy we have so much in common, everyday since i graduated like 5-6 months ago i feel like I’m trapped in my own brain.
    Like u i feel like i’ve been lifted out from my friends, but at the same time i think i did this to my self cuz “don’t know if pmo addiction is major part of it” i started to isolate myself several times over the past years pmoing watching movies gaming etc..
    So i think there interest in me are gone by the time I needed them , and to be honest i’m sad about that and i think i deserve this , may one day I regain my confidence and courage and fix what’s broken.
    Anyway, i can use a miserable fellow to cry with each other.
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  3. BrighterFuture

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    I too would someone to talk to, I feel so left out now that I started using clubhouse just to talk or listen to strangers and it only made my feel worse about everything including myself... I'll messge you
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    The way you wrote that with the introspection and what people did to you, doesn't sound crazy at all.
    The fact that you are not shooting heroin in the toilet of a trainstation and still want to improve yourself suggests that you are very much capable of having a healthy mind. There is people out there that would instantly evaporate under the pressure if they would be introduced to what you had to cope with so your definitely not a lost cause.
    The pain is real, but you'll be able to transform that if you don't give yourself up. The only one that can and should fully accept and love you is yourself, which is the hardest of things but a very worthwhile journey. We are not alone with being lonely and we'll be able to come out of this stronger and more in tune with ourselves!
    All the love, all the power!
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    I stopped studying due to pressure and covid and now my university wouldn't accept back, I'm also looking for a job and hoping to find one soon,
    I hope you're able to a find a job soon my friend.
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  6. BrighterFuture

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    I'm recovering as time passes, the reason I talk about my feelings in such way is mainly to let them evaporate out of my mind and be forgotten, thank you for your wonderful words.
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    I met this girl in a chatroom. She told me I am very self conscious, and I should only work on myself, and realized she is right. Real friends are who will support you no matter what, even if the same thing has never happened to them, and and will understand you. Same thing goes with family. Friends that are so busy with themselves or they never answer your calls are not really your friends, honestly speaking. They are either fake friends or people who are just nice to you. You don’t have to look for anybody’s attention. Work on yourself on you, and attention will start coming to you.
  8. BrighterFuture

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    So truee... it takes time and effort and hard work, that's all.
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