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    Hello people of my favorite community, a life changing place.

    I don't want to bore you so ill try to get right into it- my streak with tips.
    Ill start by saying that i have never wrote any report, but i did have alot of streaks.
    I joined the nofap community about an year ago.
    I had alot of streaks- sometimes a month, sometimes two, my longest was around 50-60. then i have managed to get to 167 days on monk mode (this is the current longest).
    I relapsed 9 days, I felt really bad. Had so much guilt. but I decided that theres no time for regret and I have got to move on. its all of because the coronavirus. I had alot of boredom. but I got back up fast and decided that theres no time for regret to be honest i didn't feel like I lost alot of my benefits. I recovered much faster because of monk mode - nomusic, no social media, and all of the cold showers. The key for getting up is not thinking about the numbers of days. I got back on track fast- it was also alot of days without PMO. I remember when I relapsed after a month or two and It felt much harder. Now I know much more than I knew back then because every process you go through is worth something. I didn't really lose 167 days of work, because every streak is a big proccess you go through. It still have alot of energy and motivation, only the first days were hard but the most important things is to not fall into the pmo cycle.
    Nofap really changed me a lot. At start I was hyped by the way I look shiny and stuff and the women attraction. I had better motivation in life in general and I always felt like improving my self (still do of course) and people started to talk to me more, same did I. I started to care more and more. My grades had improved, started exercising much more and caring more about people around me. Improving both physically and mentally(CONFIDENCE IS AMAZING)!!!
    As I mentioned before, I did fail some times before i managed to get to 167 days. Thats because alot of times I ignored girls, and I had alot of thoughts about them. It could be because I was scrolling alot of times through social media, or It could even just be an urge that I have watched by mistake In some movie. but I managed to avoid it through the process. Ill type all of these one by one.
    This tips are my key to success.

    Tip 1:Cold Showers- Cold Showers are really important. I always did them through every single day of my streak. At start it can feel like torturing but apart from having alot of good health benefits, It reduces your urges almost completely. and It make you energized for the day and motivated. This is like 100% armor.
    The best way is to have it on coldest but if its too hard for you try to reduce it in moderation. I hear alot of people saying that a cold shower should be done only after an urge- Its a no from me because Its better to be protected from getting an urge then having an urge because alot of people fall quick, especially on the start.

    Tip 2: Schedule- I know the world is not in the best situation right now. Honestly, the reason Im writing a 167 day streak and not more than that. is because the coronavirus, I didn't manage myself right and i lost it. so lets get to it-
    Even though it might be hard, set yourself a schedule which is not being on the phone. Use this time to improve anything you can- Studying, talking/playing with your family, exercising (If you can't run outside in your country there's alot of ways to exercise make a routine) Everything that comes to your mind. keep yourself away from being alone on your room as much as possible. And when the coronavirus will end- It will be much easier. what I did and helped me to get better was going outside, anywhere that comes to my mind. not thinking too much about people that will see me around, I live in a small city. you get alot of confidence through the process by doing this things like going alot outside even if you are some PC Gamer stereotype that is shy. A job is a good way to keep yourself busy as well, and get money of course. you'll be satisfied and really tired when you get home.

    Tip 3:Sleep- Sleep is very important, aim to get 8-10hours of sleep especially when you're a beginner.

    Tip 4: VIDEOGAMES/SOCIALMEDIA/TV:- Let me tell you about my self. You probably know what steam is right, I have around 11000 hours on steam. You just need to stop doing it and start finding new habits according to what I said on "Tip 2" trust me you probably feel like you can't live without it, but you gotta understand its a total waste of time and you don't even earn money by doing it. Do things that improve you and can make you succeed in life, not in a game. I used to be playing 12hours a day, I was lazy, I was not talking to people alot in my life and I was acting toxic because I was affected by the communities i was playing on. I really recommend stopping it you will be much happier in life but you gotta reduce it in moderation to completely not playing in my opinion. Same is tv, im not watching tv till that day. even when my mom or dad invite me to watch a movie I don't even watch and i always try to run away from it, because i don't really like it anymore .it affects my reality.
    The most important thing to leave is Social Media- Instagram/facebook- These are the worst, alot of urges can show up, there's alot of judgement. I used to think about how much likes i will get and from who. Think about how your life will look like without all these worries! DAMN! I have much more self confidence because of these things. Im able to stand up against challenges, and people I didn't use to. You are turning into a warrior, It makes you greater than others. Just leave it man!!! Don't think about the likes and the girls and stuff. Try to meet girls in reality, talk to them. no need for that.

    Tip 5(Might be Extreme for some people, Optional but recommended):Music- In this tip, Im gonna talk about what really gave me alot of confidence, made me alot much focused, reduced worries. also helped me to gain much better understanding of life. and improved my Distinguishing Different Perspectives of situations in life.
    But before I get to the extreme level which Is called "No Music" Im gonna talk about a specific type of music I think you should not hear. I always used to hear chris brown , migos , alot of types of black music talking about girls and money. When I stopped hearing all that stuff I really changed. I was a better person. This songs have an impact in your brains not only that it has bad impact on your brain it also gives you urges because what is shown and because of the words of course. So I really recommend to stop tuning to this songs.
    Now I'll get to the point where a lot of people are going to disagree with me. Im going to refer to one of my posts on nofap. Ill start by saying that after long time I really felt like not hearing music at all, I used to be addicted to it. I didn't feel like it was hard or something, To be honest. I really liked the way I felt with no music.
    the only times music was played was through a car with my parents but overall I wasn't hearing it at all. Another Idea is playing on instrumentals rather than playing music on your phone. It makes you much more focused, gives you alot of benefits. One day I opened a post in nofap saying "No Music". In this post I said, for some reason since I started nofap, I dont feel like hearing music at all. In addition to that I said that I feel like I Improved and I have more confidence.
    Someone replied saying- "Music can change your emotions and alter your perception of reality". I really felt what he said!! I just don't know how to describe that feeling when you don't hear music at all, It feels awesome. Again I don't wanna be to hard on you people that read this and don't feel like doing it, its ok. Im writing this all for you, to help you!!. I just recommend to try it because you can't judge before trying it, it won't hurt you. It makes you feel like you appreciate life more, and try to live like people in the past without technology. Alot of people started to disrespect him on comments, but I don't really care. because I really felt what he said and I have experienced that. Again, Instrumentals is much better!! XD (Click here to get to the post).

    Tip 6: Food- Ok so In addition to exercising of course, this is another habit that is really really important to change. Before Nofap I did have mostly an healthy diet but there are alot of things that still should be managed.
    Proccessed Sugar, especially when not in moderation, is not heatlhy of course. but apart from being not healthy It is also a source of urges. Therefore I cut sugars completely from my diet. I always eat good sources of what I need. But there is an alternative, for every thing on each tip I have mentioned, for example - Music, It can be instrumental.
    Playing On PC- Reading a book, Exercising or whatever.
    Social Media- Socializing with people in real life and not judging people on your phone all day, and being judged.
    For Proccessed Sugars- I make my self healthy snackes that contain sugars from fruits, I make some sort of squares made of a mix that contains dates, natural peanut butter, and almonds. I usually feel like eating some sort of sugar (natural of course) after a meal I eat. I eat atleast 3 apples through the day, sometimes 1 banana. sometimes I even make a banana with strawberry and dates shake. There's alot of healthy smoothies online, Find what you like and make it. Don't eat alot of sugars of course even if its natural, when not in moderation it can damage like proccessed sugar. even if its healthier.
    And when you do eat sugar, try not to eat before night. It'll make it harder for you to fall asleep.

    Tip 7: Sun- Get some sunlight, It makes you feel better and look better. It will make you energized and you will recover faster. Much Much Recommended. (Put some sun screen of course, drink water)

    Tip 8: Accountability Partner- If you're a beginner, its really recommended for you to have someone with you, its helpful. you will track days together and communicate.

    Its all about Improving yourself, everything listed above. It might look like something you don't want to do, but life will reward you. Aim for better life, real relationships! (Women,men).

    I might had some english spelling problems. but I believe you will get the point of each thing i said, if you will even read it since its hella long xD.

    Thanks for reading, It was more of a tips thread than my journey but I want people here to get the best out of them.

    Good luck Warriors!
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  2. Great post and very helpful tips,thanks for sharing
    About the music thing, I think it differs between people, some people need it and some people don't
    But I understand what you mean because I felt it espically in the begining of my reboot
    Music put a strain on my brain and it kinda gave me headaches and anxiety, my brain was tired from excess stimulation, so I didn't enjoy music, I needed to feel calm and at peace, the only thing I could listen to is classical music, and that's why I also stopped playing video and quit social media, I felt a strong need for solitude and calmness
    But after awhile I started enjoying music again
    I think it also has to do with your feelings and state of mind, when I got my shit together I felt the music was easier on my brain
    Congratulations on your success !
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    I totally agree with what you say. I have also been on previous 91 day streak followed by 59 days followed by 61 days I messed up today. I can sit around and mope about it or i can pick up with my life and continue to grow and better myself. I could blame this setback on the virus being home from college, but in reality it was because of my choices to re download facebook and tinder and of course the first videos that pop on facebook are about girls wanting to become pornstars. Recently i have also been not so caring in what i watch on netflix and started a show that has a lot of sexual content. I want to hear more about your experience with monk mode as I told myself today that I am not going to be on my phone or computer if I am not doing assignments or work anymore.
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    Yes, this is awesome!! I see ways I can apply this to my own life for sure
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  5. I asked it in a post I published: will it be dangerous to remain closed in the house with the PMO beast? I am not falling, for now, I am close to all those who have fallen or are resisting: we are all brothers in the destiny that unites us: nofap as a lifestyle that guides us for our good and for the good of those who will travel the our way.
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    I've recently, started regular exercise and it helps with my mood during the struggle quite a bit. The better eating obviously is a great idea too. My partner loves junk food and so do i. But it makes that hard.
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    i am more addicted to gaming than to porn, 2 hard addictions :(

    although gaming helped cope with RL situations, it severely ruined my grades but im trying now
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    Hi, you're young but already do so much that's cool.
    The thing is with corona and quarantine it becomes harder for us to do PMO and gotta say i relapse because of boredness, i've already take less time with video game but because i'm staying at home playing video games put my stress away beside reading book, exercise, and journaling. the thing about music is i kinda disagree, because i play instrument and it's relief my stress too so it's helping me with abstaining from PMO.
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    Whatever helps you mate, I also refered to that saying that instrumental is much preferred.

    Thanks! Whatever does it to you, if music helps you go for it. It was more of a recommendation but I guess it may depends on a person, the time. Especially with the Corona and everything people might need something to calm them and it might help. Good luck!

    You had some nice streaks good job!
    I'll recommend really getting away from social media. It's never late to stop anything, I believe you know what steps should be done to help you manage these urges. Same is TV, i stopped seeing tv a while ago. Everyday I try to improve myself more and more. Find yourself a habit you like, I'd say go outside as much as possible that's what I used to do. But coronavirus is a big problem. Currently I study as much as I can, exercising and reading books (Fill up your schedule)
    You should take Cold Showers It'll help you alot with urges and it makes you feel good!
    If you got any questions about my experience, feel free to ask!

    That's awesome!
    For me it's easier, I live with my parents as I am 18. I mostly eat healthy, sometimes I make healthy desserts like I have mentioned, there's a lot of alternatives. When you exercise it gives you a better intention to eat healthier so I guess that's good. Try reducing junk foods in moderation..
    What I used to do is read about the effects it has on your body, also sugars and stuff. When you cut out junk you'll start feeling better, be more energized and motivated.

    You need to find something you like, dedicate your time to study, semen retention will give you the motivation but you should change your habits.
    You can do it, I was the same. Addicted to video games - 11k hours on steam.
    And I used to watch porn before more than a year ago, but I changed. After you stop porn addiction and relapsing. Your life will look much better. Go to success stories section and see how people feel. I changed alot through this year. I am a much better student, better relations with family, people around and alot more. Just repeat on reading the benefits it will be much easier when you have a reason. And read all the tips above. The first step is preventing porn and relapsing. But it's also important to change your habits like gaming all day. Try reducing game time.
    When you start changing things will get sorted out. Trust me.
    Good luck!

    Yes.. the coronavirus is a big problem and might be hard with the boredom and stuff.. made me fail once. But I still do everything to fill my schedule. Which doesn't include video games.
    About music- Never said I have got any problem with instrumentals- I do play the piano sometimes, guitar. Just wanted to share the benefits i felt with no music at all. It's complicated..

    Most important thing In my opinion is not to hear the type of music I have mentioned above.
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    . (Thread was moved from rebooting and p recovery).
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    Yeah, good habits are essential. Replace a bad habit with good habits. I also agree with cold showers, I've been doing those recently... I started gradual, start on warm, finish on cold, but now I can start on as cold as it gets. There's a lot of benefits to that. During this whole covid virus quarantine everyone is challenged more than normal and thrown out of a routine. Plus we all feel isolated and lonely... so porn can seem like an option. I hadn't even thought about porn for months... then about a week ago I found myself entertaining the idea. Then I started to rationalize it. Fortunately, I recognized this as dangerous and talked with my accountability partner. I definitely don't want to relapse... so yes, let's all build good habits and good schedules
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    Great post! I'm on day 14 of nofap and am also taking the no music approach. I've found that I use it to escape from reality and stimulate my mind similarly to how porn does. The same with video games, youtube and movies that I'm also avoiding. And I'm feeling a lot better with those things out my life already. It seems like we're not just fighting back against the porn industry but all the other addictive tech that controls the brain.

    Well done on your progress and don't stop improving!
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    NoFap Defender

    Hey man, your post is great and I feel too that life is way more about being confident and finding love in the small victories. Atm I'm struggling with wasting my time to much for video games. Partly because I'm not scheduleing my days as you said it might help. I've done this before and was much more focused and productive. The quarantine is indeed hard to battle but I know inside of me external things change anyways. Happiness in existence is key for creating anything beyond.
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  14. Wilde°

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    Yes just don't let it stress you because when you gonna get out there after this crisis, it'll be much easier. Everything in life has advantages and disadvantages, think about the good things :) and always try to improve, there's no excuse!
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    Can confirm.
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  16. thanks! great ideas here.
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    Great tips man! Thank you!
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    great post! about music, i have been studying it for a while now. what it is, how it effects people.. did you know that music was regulated in ancient greece and china? it is so powerful that you can mass hypnotize a whole people by setting them under it.

    below is a piece about music that sums this up very eloquently. it was written by tolstoi (in his book the kreutzer sonata) in the 19th century:

    “...And a terrible thing is music in general. What is it? Why does it do what it does? They say that music stirs the soul. Stupidity! A lie! It acts, it acts frightfully (I speak for myself), but not in an ennobling way. It acts neither in an ennobling nor a debasing way, but in an irritating way. How shall I say it? Music makes me forget my real situation. It transports me into a state which is not my own. Under the influence of music I really seem to feel what I do not feel, to understand what I do not understand, to have powers which I cannot have. Music seems to me to act like yawning or laughter; I have no desire to sleep, but I yawn when I see others yawn; with no reason to laugh, I laugh when I hear others laugh. And music transports me immediately into the condition of soul in which he who wrote the music found himself at that time. I become confounded with his soul, and with him I pass from one condition to another. But why that? I know nothing about it? But he who wrote Beethoven’s ‘Kreutzer Sonata’ knew well why he found himself in a certain condition. That condition led him to certain actions, and for that reason to him had a meaning, but to me none, none whatever. And that is why music provokes an excitement which it does not bring to a conclusion. For instance, a military march is played; the soldier passes to the sound of this march, and the music is finished. A dance is played; I have finished dancing, and the music is finished. A mass is sung; I receive the sacrament, and again the music is finished. But any other music provokes an excitement, and this excitement is not accompanied by the thing that needs properly to be done, and that is why music is so dangerous, and sometimes acts so frightfully.

    “In China music is under the control of the State, and that is the way it ought to be. Is it admissible that the first comer should hypnotize one or more persons, and then do with them as he likes? And especially that the hypnotizer should be the first immoral individual who happens to come along? It is a frightful power in the hands of any one, no matter whom. For instance, should they be allowed to play this ‘Kreutzer Sonata,’ the first presto,—and there are many like it,—in parlors, among ladies wearing low necked dresses, or in concerts, then finish the piece, receive the applause, and then begin another piece? These things should be played under certain circumstances, only in cases where it is necessary to incite certain actions corresponding to the music. But to incite an energy of feeling which corresponds to neither the time nor the place, and is expended in nothing, cannot fail to act dangerously..."
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  19. Very valuable contribution!
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    Thank you for posting this. I did feel what was quoted in your post where it's about feeling someone else's feelings for no reason, and losing excitement. I feel like when I hear music I might feel good but it can be compared to chocolate , like dopamine for me. And I feel like I lose excitement of life. I started no music and I feel much better and life feels more realistic and exciting. Only listening to sounds of nature making my life much more interesting but everytime music comes in it's really annoying to my ears because I try to live without it, even if some sort of music makes me feel good I know that the effect is not what I want, a life without music which feels more valuable, and I feel more motivated. Its really depressing because Its hard to live without it since it plays alot around my house, especially at the corona days. Sometimes I feel like I'm shocked because back then I used to hear music alot, I was addicted. As I said music might be calming and stuff but I don't want to play it because on the other hand I really changed, I used to be acting shy before nofap I think that one of the things that made me less shy and more confident is no music. What you quoted can explain that "I laugh when other people laugh" - sign of shyness in my opinion. No music gave me alot if confidence because I'm not exposed to all of the music effect and stuff and the fantasies. I just gotta live without it, as much as I can. Let's not forget that I am much much more focused on everything in life.
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