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    It has occurred to me that I am like 3 (very long) trophies away from having all the nofap post like trophies.

    I was wondering if I could possibly add more, or someone in the team could add more?

    But instead, the nofap achievementtrophies would look something like this:

    Day 1 - First steps!
    Day 3 - Up and out!
    Day 7 - Testosterone spike!
    Day 9 - Keeping strong!
    Day 14 - 2 weeks out!
    Day 21 - Nofap is becoming a habit!
    Day 30 - A whole month!
    Day 50 - Halfway through kinda!
    Day 90 - You did it!
    Day 365 - Fapspace!

    it could also be a theme of where you are in the journey going to "fapfree space" (like an astronaut, eg. day 1 = buckle up day 3 = take off)

    p.s I will buy a membership soon!
    Thanks for everything nofap!
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    You should check out the group Sun Bro has set up. Heirs of the Sun. Just click on my rank in my sig. It has a similar ranking system. It's good that you're looking for ways to motivate yourself! Stay strong!
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