Nofap and "escaping the matrix" ?

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    Hello everyone,

    First I am really glad to have join this forum and to discuss with you.

    I do not know if anyone of you noticed one of those side effect of nofap but i did notice that when i was heavily involve in masturbation, I was also consuming all of self help video and any kind of self improvement/ PUA videos.

    However since I am on Nofap, and it has been at least 2 weeks so far, I start to see the bigger picture about all those things and I now feel of the vibe of those so-called coach. I now see the trap and feel that vibe is not genuine/ and really positive.

    For some reason I was unable to pick it while i was on hook and was kind of blind if it makes sense.
    I also do not feel the urge anymore to click on those videos with title bait.

    A part from that, I see the bigger picture in many things involving manipulation... it is really weird, it is like I was blind before... and being on Nofap open my eyes and allowed me to see the big picture in everything.

    Anyone has experience this ?
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  2. Hi there. Welcome! Make sure you create an introduction threat in New to NoFap forum section and share your reasons for rebooting, your goals and commitments. Not that you have to do that, but generally speaking it's beneficial because it solidifies our commitment and gives us some extra boost of momentum. :emoji_muscle:

    Kind of. I am not sure whether this has to do with nofap alone though. Maybe it does. Maybe I was just so drained and sedated that my vision was blurry, so to speak. Or maybe it's because I expanded my awareness by researching and paying attention to other things too for which nofap was a catalyst. So that might have changed my values and priorities in life.
    When the vibration frequency if your psyche is low that's the stuff your brain will attract you to. Like attracts like. But when we are healthy it becomes easier to feel when we are consuming poison, cos cleaner we are more sensitive we are. The body, brain and mind adjusts.
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    Being addicted is the same as being blind.... to once feelings. If u abstain from the addiction and spend time with yourself, you reconnect back to who you are and you start seeing more with your heart and soul.
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    Good observation! I love personal development rather I am loaded or not puma is wack to me though
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