Nofap and No Sex (Really Need Advice)

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by DarsMaul, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. DarsMaul

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    i read a forum on here about something similar but i have a bit of a different situation so i think ill post my own situation and see what i get; so here is the scenario.

    Before my gf and I moved out, we were having sex quite frequently (probably 2-3 times a week). since we have moved out, she has been taking anti-depressants which have significantly decreased her libido; im talking maybe sex 4 times a month at the absolute most. Leading up to this, I have been struggling to kick my PMO addition for about a year and a bit and have been watching P for probably 6 years on and off. Before dating this girl, sex was happening whenever i wanted too (was kind of a man whore).

    Before we moved out, i went 126 days no PMO and its was relatively easy but i slipped up after we stopped having sex as much as we used too.

    I totally understand and really want to support her in the anti-depression thing because its working amazing for her mood and i love this girl to pieces; but what do i do. Ive started working out and eating healthier and started projects to keep busy; but whenever i get excited i have no way of dealing with it at all.

    Truthfully im struggling to transition and fully accept that the two of us having sex is just not something that is going to happen anymore. I am a really sexually inclined person and it seems like this no sex thing is really killing me.

    I know this is a long post but is there any advice out there or even similar stories or anything? because i have a feeling this relationship could be coming to an end and that is not something i want to have happen at all.
  2. buzzlightyear

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    It sounds more that you have a relationship with this girl for the sex, I think you should review your relationship. As a man you shouldn't be depending on someone even if it is someone you love. figure out why your girl is depressed could be the answer. Another thing you can do is keep a journal in which you write EVERY DAY one single thing what you love about your girlfriend, and after a year you give it to her. You will start looking at her differently, looking for good qualities and as a result you'll start acting different towards her and she towards you as a result of you thinking better of her and acting better. It will become an upward spiral.

    Maybe she is depressed because she doesn't want to be with you. I don't excpect such a thing, you seem like a good person and you are sincerely searching for help in different places.

    You have to be the man, be strong, kind and be happy. read some great self-improvement books and try to become the best person you can become. Take responsibilty for your life.

    But yet again you shouldn't let others put suggestions in your mind, try to figure out an answer by yourself.

    Check out this vid it worked wonders for me.

    Goodluck! Please keep me updated :)
  3. Limeaid

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    Can she speak to her DR about her low libido and perhaps change meds? I can't see this being very good for her either and coping with depression shouldn't come at a price of losing your sexual connection with your boyfriend. I would talk to her about it.
  4. DarsMaul

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    These are really solid ideas. And yes, i dont want to solely use others to figure out my problems, but another perspective really helps. We did talk about the whole situation and we have some solutions that might possibly help (finding ways to connect that arent sex, helping out in other ways beyond straight up sex aka hands). Now that we have talked about it, it seems to be going in the right direction.

    Also the writing something nice about her everyday is a lovely idea. Atm i do have a journal that i have been using everyday and I think that could be a great addition to it.

    Thanks you guys
  5. AndyBogart25

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