Nofap and social anxiety

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  1. Can nofap really help with this or it is myth ?your thughts?
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  2. Yes and no. I think that once you've put together a decent streak, you can feel a decrease in anxiety and an increase in your self confidence. But it can only take you so far. You still have to put in the work, which is to get out there and connect with people.
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    NoFap can be a gateway to further self-improvement. However, the simple action of abstaining (or non-action if you will) generally doesn't help cure social anxiety. The main benefit, from my perspective, is the self-awareness you get when you practice controlling your desires. It leads to an improved self-esteem, and the knowledge that if you can do this, you can do anything.
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    It CAN help but it is not a guarantee. As other have pointed out we have to gather many our life's foolbox.

    You might find this video on the top 5 best anxiety supplement interesting:

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    You have to deal with your social anxiety the hard way to get better, but PMO makes it worse.
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    Ive had crippling social anxiety for years - at one point it was so bad that just walking down a hallway in college would get my heart racing and Id start getting sweaty. The worst part is that I know that there is no reason to be anxious - but the reaction is automatic! PMO is like salt rubbing into the wounds of anxiety. With anxiety the simplest things become exponentially more difficult. Its like walking around with a chain and ball tied to the feet.

    Anxiety has a thousand sources, but the same process as PMO. At even the slightest hint of trouble, I would fantasize about all of the possible ways things can go wrong, even if its as simple as eating with colleagues in the cafeteria. If I need to make a phone call, theres an immediate sense of dread. Its like living with a sword hanging over your head - you always think that there can be that one thing that turns your life upside down. After several years, Ive improved, but theres a long war ahead.

    PMO addiction is like digging a deeper ditch. Its like making the mind more foggy than it was already. But by doing nofap you are doing two things - 1. Freeing up energy to fight anxiety, to use for constructive things and 2. Learning how the mind works and knowing how to fight "mind wars"

    Fighting anxiety is almost a parallel battle to nofap. It starts in the mind. The first steps involve learning to block the cycles of anxious thoughts when they start.

    The beauty of fighting the PMO addiction is that the enemy is clear. There is one class of things to avoid - one general type of thoughts to fight. You can easily keep track of how successful you are with fighting the battle with a counter, etc. This is why its useful to learn how to fight your mind.

    So long answer short, yes nofap definitely helps in fighting anxiety, but its a tough battle, fighting two enemies at once. Nofap is helpful as long as you use the energy you gain wisely. Anxiety will not disappear just because you are doing nofap, but you will find more drive to fight
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  8. Thank you for your informative answer @DorkBird
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    Yes Nofap can help. I used to have crippling anxiety tho. This is what you do. Change your diet to keto, workout/meditate and try a nootropic for anxiety. Like ashwanda or L-theanine.

    Boom you welcome fam.
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    It helps but, you have to do other things in the time that you have like meeting other people and going to social gatherings or just finding hobbies and like-minded individuals with similar interests as you.
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