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    What really happens to Testosterone level after one month of NOFAP and what changes you'll notice for sure in your overall energy level?
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    I don't think there is a set answer for this. It depends on how depleted you are, how much damage you've done to your body /how often and for how long you've been engaging in PMO.

    I haven't watched porn in 102 days. Only had 1 orgasm since then, no binge. I've been on semen retention with no edging for 1 full month now.

    My energy has definitely increased since I started, but I damaged my body to the point of adrenal fatigue. I don't expect a full recovery before a year to a year and a half. This is based off of many brothers I've either spoken to or read about their recovery stories.

    Personally, I don't think expecting to have an insane change in a month is realistic.
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  3. About testosterone, I had read after my first reboot that NoFap doesn't change it.

    I had my doubts about that because my energy had skyrocketed, as well as other things like motivation. I had my own level tested at one day before a streak and around day 33 or so, and the level was about the same.
    So I guess they might be right.

    But as weird as it sounds, even though it doesn't increase testosterone, it really doesn't matter.

    Because when someone does hard mode or a dopamine fast, the brain starts utilizing serotonin. So all the health benefits and mental benefits are still there.

    My thought is that it doesn't matter how much testosterone a man produces, more than how much he can use. Dopamine blocks it off or decreases how efficiently it is used.

    It's like, if you make a million dollars, but spend it all, then you got zero.
    But a guy who makes minimum wage, but saves 25% of each paycheck
    is actually richer.
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    I am on hard mode for about 50+ days now - no touching of my meat even though my tracker has 3-4 days shown - I did it for motivation. But let's get back to the topic!

    Testosterone level skyrockets.
    You begin doing stuffs you never seem to do early on. I have undertaken a big project that my friends are afraid to take - they fear that what if they fail and that will ruin their career. Previously I was fearful as well like them, but during this retention phase, I don't know from where that idea came. I paid the full fees for exams and in the next 50 days I have my exam, and the preparation is going awesome. Now, I realize that it's not that difficult to crack it as I previously assumed it to be.
    Testosterone is all about taking risk and doing fearful tasks. I can endure pain for longer. For instance, my skin don't burn when I touch hot utensils [which was something I never tried before retention], distractions like itching ; I let them subside and the other activities like cold shower and eating really spicy foods and not reacting much under pressure. Tons and tons of benefits can be found within a month of retention. For me it took about 45 days of hard mode to experience whatever I talked until now.

    I hope it's motivating for you!

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    Thanks ... Great to hear that ... 4 days and I'll reach one month of no PMO ... hope u the best ... keep me updated about any new benefits u notice ... Regards
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    True! Semen retention (hard mode) is the most powerful earthly tool or good habit that I have ever discovered in terms of the positive and undeniable effects that it produces...
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  7. It doesn't man.
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    The major determining factors are your age, health and lifestyle. I did get my T level checked after doing NoFap for 30 days last year. My total testosterone& free T were above average. My energy level definitely increased too, wasn't needing as much sleep after 2 weeks NoFap.
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  9. Yes, but you may always run "above average". You need a baseline when you are fapping or in the chaser to compare. The numbers are not going to be significantly different. If you tested every day from days 30 through 90 on a hard mode streak, the number would average out to the same as if it is tested while fapping or in the chaser.
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