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  1. I use NoFap 85% on my phone on incognito browser. It would be much easier to develop an app or upgrade the previous app, if you own it. There's one app where it just shows the panic button (emergency app). It would be sick to have a full access app.

    I mean i see you can upgrade to premium for $10/month, and other donations. Where is that money going? Into advertising? Into some guy's savings account?

    I'm not throwing shots or anything but I'm just trying to understand where the money is going towards, and an app can promote advertisements, popularity, etc.
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    The idea of a phone app has been suggested before, but plans to create one have not been confirmed or denied.

    The money from the premium subscriptions goes toward keeping the website online and running.


    - Sunshadow
  3. Implying that we get many donations (we hardly get any) and that there are many subscribers to premium (there aren't). You're talking about a total of less than 1000 a month. That's a joke budget. The site loses money. We don't pay for advertising lol.

    Do you know how much it costs to hire a company to develop an app of the magnitude that you're discussing? I got quoted as low as 300,000 and as high as millions. You can contract for less but it isn't an easy endeavor and whether or not you end up with a useable or desirable end product depends on many variables. I did get a company who could do an MVP for about 20,000 as a side project, but it would be very simple and not have very many features than the counter already in your signature, but you would be able to update it from your phone.

    We have volunteers working on it - and we do have to hire design help, etc, and it is coming along slowly. We want an app. Really bad. But it doesn't just poof out of thin air and we do not have any budget to hire a company to develop it.
  4. Thanks.
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    It might be worth a shot write to some universities and offer this as a bachelor project for some mobile developer undergraduate. Tell them that this NGO that helped over 200 000 people with their addiction and it would be very helpful if you could team up. I remember when I was uni, only few people had bachelor project that has any real value, most bachelor thesis assignments were created just for the sake of having a project because there were no alternative with any real worth. It could be win win win situation for everybody. App for NoFap, good PR for university, good job references for the student.

    Edit: my bachelor project, some program to provide education for other students, was quite a big project, so professors actually divided it between 3 students each was just coding one part of it as their thesis. Same can happen to NoFap as it seems it will be probably larger project too.
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