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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by richard_millie, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Guys, I am Cosmo & I want to create a little WhatsApp group So I can constantly remind myself why I started NoFap before quitting. You can text me on Whatsapp no: +918689841576 .
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    I honestly think it's stupid. It has nothing to do with retention, it's more that women like a disciplined man who has self control. That is what they are picking up on.
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    To piggyback off all the previous responses, I do not think that semen retention causes women to be attracted to you. I do think that abstaining from PMO elevates you as a man and women sense that and notice that. Personally, I have noticed women smiling at me more and engaging me in conversation as I have abstained from PMO. Males have spoken to me more as well. In addition to NoFap, I have been reading more, exercising like a madman(kickboxing, swimming, weight-lifting, basketball, etc, literally pushing my body to its limits) meditating multiple times a day, I took a cold shower today and I plan to make that apart of my regular routine as well, and eating healthier (more greens, consuming more water, drinking tea/black coffee). Adding NoFap to the things that I am already doing is like icing on a cake. There is a magic to it and we might not see it or understand it and it probably affects everyone differently but I can speak from experience that a confident, centered man is what we should all strive for and NoFap amongst other things helps you reach that point.
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    For me, it's real. Very real. I have some stories here:

    First off, I just want to say that from the time I was kid up to being 17 years old, I've pretty had much NO female attention whatsoever. No girlfriend, nothing. I PMO'd regularly from ages 10-18. I was a senior in high school when I started NoFap. I even got made fun of regarding my looks back in middle school.

    So I was a week in, first time doing NoFap and I often went to a church youth group to try and make some friends and 90% of the girls wouldn't stop trying to hit on me. I was very lonely in high school and I was able to identify the difference of somebody being friendly for the sake of being nice, knowing I was lonely vs. being flirty and interested in me; that's what it was. I thought "Whatever, they're probably just going through a phase or something." I didn't think much of it. Later on during the year, I noticed that in school, walking through the hallways I noticed girls looking at me and smiling. A girl I had a crush on announced in the middle of class said, "Jacob, you look good today!" I was in a shock. Some girls would take pictures of me in class and I'd notice through my peripheral vision that some were looking at me. I remember that when one of my teachers called role and called my name, a cute girl in my class giggled out loud... it was like something you'd see from a TV show. One time I was walking out of school and a volleyball team from another school were walking to the entrance and there was an attractive dude on his phone and they were giggling and smiling at him. When I began passing by the girls, I noticed they all began to look at me and their heads kept turning as I walked by and I heard one girl yelled "THESE GUYS ARE HOT".

    Scenarios like those happened very often ever since I started NoFap. Sadly, I've been having a tough time with PMO in my college years but I'm getting better. I'm not receiving the attention that I had in high school and I'm pretty sure NoFap has a lot of influence. It was very motivating. I go a lot out of my way to be healthy and take good care of myself regarding how I dress, look, etc. but even still, I found that it hasn't been the same due to the worsening of my porn addiction. I'm taking the right steps now though! Getting back up there :D
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    Wow, this is one of the best websites on the internet! I cannot thank enough the one who created it. I have every tool I need to receive female attraction and become my best self. This is simply amazing.
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