NoFap Aura real?

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    They also become afraid of you but they try to be friendly and flirt at the same time, a huge increase of prestige i noticed myself and to all people who say things like *its a placeobo* or its just a *mentality thing* in my humble opinion are total ignorent, there is a famous spiritual wepsite i am not gonna say its name that say that enhanced sexual energy bestow chatisma, and i am not trying to sound like a pervert or a creep but i noticed compliments flirting from my mother for the first time in my life
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    After how many days you started noticing these changes?
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    It started on day 30 and now i am on day 73

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    this thing is real and if people are ridiculing it or laughing means they lack the capabilities to find that out for themselves.
    ignore them.

    and its nothing supernatural, our society has been groomed and deprived from real facts like the one that humans emit constant electromagnetic fields around their hearts, this is the ''aura'' around our bodies that the ancient science teaches us about - Western science threw away all that knowledge and said ''we will build a new science from the scratch, let's start from the assumption that humans are separate from the rest of the universe'' and so on. Eastern science = based on the living beings and studying them form this paradigm / Western science = studying dead cadavers = no lifeforce energy of any sorts. Yet, the elites know about our real potential and they dont want us to wake up to this. Humans are FAR more powerful than we imagine! Thats why its important for the elites to keep people drugged (alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, sugar, drugs and of course PORN ) so that they never develop, fix and FEEL their full energy field, when their aura is in great shape.

    from my own experience I can 100% assure everyone that women somehow can sense this energy fields. They are probably not even aware of it (like they are born with this skill just like they are born with being social, emotional, and all that) and its normal to them. But they definitely sense this which makes sense after all women are more prone to emotions, their operating system is based on emotions and what are feelings and emotions - a very strong impulses generated by our hearts! so again it comes back to the energy.

    Research heart math institute, they study energetic of the heart to me its all connected
    especially read it all here before you start to ridicule it.

    open yourself to this possibility. our world is so full of magic! but as always with any magic, you need to believe it and open yourself to it to be able to reach for the knowledge!
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    [QUOTE = "Kratos_GOW, post: 2273691, membro: 314222"] E riguardo alle donne? [/ QUOTE]
    Lo schifiano
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    [QUOTE = "Jack1211, post: 2274330, membro: 362296"] È iniziato il giorno 30 e ora sono il giorno 73

    Sei molto brutto ahahah sorry
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    Yes, NoFap aura is real and terrible.

    It's the "male dominance" aura who is here, from you, influenting people. You can have friendship with girl, and you can also rebuke girls who want to have sex with you. Because girl have also power over men, by their body and gesture they can kneel a man, so litterly man became a slave.

    It's the dominion power.

    Man are not women slave. This century teach us the contrary.
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    theres something in that - they become 'afraid' because they know you cut through their bullshit that they serve weak beta males on a daily basis.
    so they will be brought up to being responsible for their actions.
    but its 'hot' for them at the same time.
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    This thread is making me excited for what's to come! A lot of good posts!!
    I've definitely noticed women looking at me, but I used to never look at a girl for more than a second before staring down into the ground. Now I can actually hold eye contact, so I wouldn't be able to tell if it's anything but just me noticing now.
    I have to say, just being able to look into other peoples' eyes(have had this issue not just for women) is huge and I attribute it to nofap.
    I believe holding eye contact is like standing up for yourself, and others will think more of you if you can do it. You have nothing to hide, and you are proud of who you are!
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    You are so right
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  12. it happened when i was 18. i never fapped before that in my life. the funny thing is girls liked me more than my friends who were confident and extroverted.

    a girl once started at me when i was butt naked in the shower. i was a 18, and she was like 20-21.

    i once was walking and 3 girls greeted me and shook hands with me

    i once frequented a clinic and a nurse stared at me. after i fapped, she became angry and didnt want to glance at me

    a girl once added me on skype because we went to uni. she saw my image when i was on nofap and called me hot
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    do you had any wet dream or noctuall emission?
  14. Rev2.0

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    I can tell you what happened to me about 60 days in with no PMO. I was on a flight with wifey. I walked to the back of the plane to use the bathroom and there in the jump seat was this very pretty, thin flight attendant half my age at the most (I'm 53). I looked at her and she looked me straight in the eye, gave me a "F me" look like I've never seen, slid down in her seat and crossed her legs so her skirt rode up. Keep in mind as far as looks I'm maybe a 7 on a good day though I am 6 feet tall with grey hair women seem to dig. Anyway I started chatting with her and I absolutely know I could have gotten her number if I had wanted. That kind of stuff never has happened to me when I was PMOing. The year after that we were on vacation again and I wasn't on as long of streak but we were walking to the gate and my wife said, "That woman back there hasn't stopped looking at you since we passed her. And I can tell she hates me." We had a good laugh at that one.
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  15. Me, too. I sense people getting afraid of me. Also, I'm techincally on 60 something day. I reset my counter cuz i watched porn for like 3 hrs straight ma
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    I m not sure,but both male and female pay more attention to me when i on nofap(I don't mean in sexually way) they respect me more and looks like i have better adapting with people.
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    IMO you become more aggressive in how you think.
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  19. It is.
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  20. I'm 31. How old are you? Are you in your 20s?
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