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  1. stevebeau12

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    I'm in the military and I have decided to do the Mo Fap challenge.

    I am not one to engage in relations with other military member so, I used to fap.

    I hope to improve my energy levels and become even more productive while i am deployed.

    My only concern is what will i do during my time that I'm not fapping.

    I already go to the gym and attend college.

    I'm thinking about just working out twice a day.

    I tend to keep to myself but, I find way to entertain myself with YouTube videos and books on tape.

    Any ideas and motivation would be great.
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  2. MonkMode [1Cor7:31]

    MonkMode [1Cor7:31] Fapstronaut

    hello there,
    Thank you for your service, I hope all goes well.

    You can also try a practice I call "systems awareness"
    It is kind of like meditation.
    if you have some spare time...go walking around your place you stay at, preferably outside.

    Remind yourself that even here you are on the Earth, and in Nature...look how weather has affected buildings, look were dust, or detritus builds up from the wind, look at contours of surfaces, and wear moisture accumlates. read the landscape, what plants are here (even ones in pavement sidewalk cracks), what are the plants doing? are they blooming, seeding, dying? are there any insects, or birds? What are they doing?

    How does the air feel? without looking at a weather app, what do you think the weather is doing? Can you "feel" a storm or pressure system?

    If you are in a completely man-made space, observe how all the utilities are run, how the building is built. How were these fixtures assembled?

    This little game can make you feel more connected if bored and take your mind off the Urge to PMO.
  3. stevebeau12

    stevebeau12 New Fapstronaut

    Thanks. I currently walk and listen to music two hours a day (once in the am and once in the pm).

    I usually sleep to keep my mind off PMO.

    My barracks partner says sleep is a sign of depression lol.

    I do not feel depressed! I feel great but, it sucks not fapping.

    I will try the whole feeling the weather approach while I walk too.
  4. Casey54

    Casey54 Fapstronaut

    Hey brother staying busy is tough sometimes. Ive been trying different exercise classes and have a volunteer job. Good luck on your journey

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