NoFap benefits are for losers: we want superpowers!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by safa61947, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. safa61947

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    I. Chick magnet.
    II. Guys suddenly respect you for nothing;
    III. Some pretty female cashier smiled at you and you thought she wanted sex;
    IV. You walk like you "own" the pavement;
    V. Got a promotion at work;
    VI. All your ex-girlfriends suddenly want to contact you, to have sex of course;
    VII. Ask on the forum if it's a relapse when your girlfriend gives you a handjob;
    VIII. Works out and says NoFap is magical while he put a decent amount of effort at the gym;
    IX. Rejects girls for the sake of it;
    X. Better vision, more concentration, partly true but over-exaggerated.

    List any superpowers you saw or read somewhere.

    EDIT: Thanks for moving my thread to the main area but I'm not totally serious. Keep that in mind when answering. You should always work on yourself and expect results from hard work.
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  2. NamaClature14

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    This is all ego, friend. Small minded
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  3. Chappie77

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    claims of superpowers turns most rational people against the movement.
    If anything I've found recovery from porn addiction to be tough.
    It's the same as quitting any addiction.

    No superpowers mate.

    But I know the goal.
    I know where I want to get to
    and I know why I'm doing it

    Have a look at this video
    You may gain a more realistic perspective

    I would have got into the nofap method a lot earlier if I wasn't turned off by those spouting off about "superpowers".
    There's no superpowers, it's hard, and it's a test on your character
  4. safa61947

    safa61947 Fapstronaut

    Well, to be sincere, what got me into NoFap was a superpowers post of a guy about 18 years old. Very innocent and exaggerated, I thought it was impossible to me to abstain, I'll never forget that day I read that thread on Reddit. The guy was 18 and managed 90 days, I was like... eh? Is it possible?
  5. an0n8200

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    I definitely feel more confident and girls stare at me a lot while I'm on a decent streak

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