Nofap BOOTCAMP ; NO PMO/ HELL Mode [Open]

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by MONSTER MONK, Mar 3, 2019.

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  1. check in day 61
    really tough period but, at least, it makes me think other things instead of PMO
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  2. Ultra goku

    Ultra goku Fapstronaut

    Day 0
    So the past cuple of weeks are not going great. Relapse are happening everyday due to not being able to control myself even though no porn or any type of picture, its like a thought comes in my mind and suddenly after that my body starts to act weird like its moving on its own and i cannot control myself after that and after that *Relapse. I am in the worst situation of my life tommorow is my class 10 result which is the core of my future and instead of worrying about my result, i am here fapping to the filthy porn. Now i am worried that, when i fap, my coming days become worst and smothing bad happens and it has happened alot of times. Lets just hope that nothing bad happens to me. Also pray for me to pass with good grades. I guess this is my last day 0 post. I hope after this no relapse again. Like every time ( going to get serious on nofap ). Goodluck to me and all the others.
    As a reminder '' you are defined by your actions not by your words ''
  3. WalkingForward

    WalkingForward Fapstronaut

    2 days of NoFap now.

    I wasted time watching Youtube clips on my phone this morning, then I got a headache. I have made a rule for myself to watch at most 1 youtube clip a day and I should follow that rule.

    I'm supposed to be writing on an essay but I've been procrastinating like crazy with doing that.
  4. Ali1997

    Ali1997 Fapstronaut

    Actually on day 61 , @MASTER MONK please update me to Major:)
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  5. check in, I woke up early finally. Fasting today. Insha Allah will keep busy and going to plan after sorting out a few things. Have a great day if you read this.
  6. xxmemel0verxx

    xxmemel0verxx Fapstronaut

    I'm in, count me as a slave.
  7. Jerky

    Jerky Fapstronaut

    DAY 1

  8. Kevin Saputra

    Kevin Saputra Fapstronaut

  9. Jerky

    Jerky Fapstronaut

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  10. MadJackMcMad

    MadJackMcMad Fapstronaut

    Day 78 completed. Feeling a bit lonely today
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  11. Jerky

    Jerky Fapstronaut

    You're never alone here.
    Always remember that.
  12. check in, really alert all day. first half wasn't productive.
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  13. EcoMunchies

    EcoMunchies Fapstronaut

    Day 13, checking in ahead of the two week mark. All ok, still fighting from the bottom of a deep dark hole, but there are shafts of light making their way down to me, so things are looking up.
    No issues with PMO today at all. Way to busy for that!
    Off travelling for work again tonight, back in hotels again.
  14. Day 131:
    Yesterday i was not that good....
    Today i started with some PTSD attack but quickly got over it..
    I have to find heathy outlets to mange stress coz it is taking the best of me....
    And then I have prepare for my quiz that is tomorrow.... Got a lot of things to do :)
    This challenge is helping me a lot..along with other challenges on NoFap. To make me remind of how far i have come and i can't afford to loose myself at this point and start over again
  15. daily check in
    day 62:
    dangerous thoughts keep on tempting me.. But I implemented routines to resist(cold shower, workouts..).. Don't want to lose bc I feel I'm changing and the world is looking at me differently
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    MONSTER MONK Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    Almost at a low point. Sleep was interrupted, early morning, and couldn't go back to sleep. Started to fantasise and later opened up some erotic literature. :(
    Didn't MO but feel bad
  17. WalkingForward

    WalkingForward Fapstronaut

    Looked at some p subs this morning, I need to be disciplined with my internet usage. But at least I've done 3 days of NoFap now.
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  18. irishrover

    irishrover Fapstronaut

    Day 7 check-in. Had a really close call with PMO but made it through in the end...just about. Need to stick to my process and I know I'll be OK.
  19. Jerky

    Jerky Fapstronaut


    I am a PMO addict.

    Today is Day 2.

    Rank: PEASANT
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  20. Halibut

    Halibut Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Check in day 19

    After feeling low and depressed for like the last week I feel like I am snapping out of it! The journey is rough but so worth it in the end.

    Stay strong lads

    Must make it to captain!

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