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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by MONSTER MONK, Mar 3, 2019.

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  1. theman1

    theman1 Fapstronaut

    So happy to say I got back up after plenty of recent bad relapses and difficult moments.
    Since I really believe I am getting back my clarity of mind and sharpness, I dare to take on hell mode.
    I'm still standing. Better than I ever did.
    I am alive.
  2. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Good day, windy and coldy day. Received a letter from nofap about the groups and tips, which was a warmly reminder.

    One of them I agree so much is not developing anything but nofap only. From my past experience, that's the guaranteed way to relaspe again until die. It's also mentioned in the training camp too. Well the camp in my opinion is focusing more on how to live like a normal human being, without excessive behaviors. Those who are taking the course, I hope you're there.
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  3. Symbol of Peace

    Symbol of Peace Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    Day 4 now, close to day 5, i'm not feeling motivated, positive or strong or nothing like these things i call you all are. I'm not on the flatline because my dick still have erections, i don't know what i have...
  4. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    You have the forces, this thread, this forum.
  5. newtry

    newtry Fapstronaut

    D38 Hm
    Today was an intense day. Bible class in the morning (3 hours), I attended the whole class, chatted with the teacher and he was pleased to see that I read the Bible regularly.
    I went to the afternoon class (3 hours), I also attended with enthusiasm. I shared a Christian song with the group (which counts a lot since none of my classmates are Christian, not even the teacher ... I remember that on 10/31 she didn't like me not eating the Halloween candy)
    Then, in my class, in which I am the teacher (1 hour. Theme of the day: Union with Christ), I think I have given a very good class. I wish everyone could believe in the truth of the Gospel.
    In the evening I went to the gym (1 hour today). I traded a lot. Thank God, since I returned there I have not been tempted again.
  6. Day 2 hell mode:
    In the morning, I think I sprained my ankle from football. It was swollen and hard to walk on it so I didnt do much but I did wake up early even though I slept late. I've fully deleted snapchat, youtube and instagram. All i have now is mp3 recordings of some islamic lectures that give me a lot of guidance so I listened to that before bed. I looked at places to rent for next year, theres one place I want so now I've booked it for a viewing on the weekend, hope I get it. The plan today is get some good food, chicken, vegetables. Cook it nicely w the spices and have wraps. Yesterday I didnt eat as healthy as I could've but it was hard to move so that's my excuse. It was a lot healthier than previous days but today I have no excuse because it's better even though it's a bit swollen. I was on my phone a lot less yesterday and I fell asleep early so I didnt wanna disturb that.
  7. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    reporting for the duty day 68
    woke up really early since today I was supposed to work those hours :)
    worked effectively
    then I went to the gym where the trainer asked me the V02 max test and I am proud to say that I scored 60.25 ml/kg/min(the excellence in my age is beyond 55 so happy about that)
    I've studied too so I can say I lived a full day :)
  8. Leader of ME

    Leader of ME Fapstronaut

    Salute! Day 38 report is here. I was kind of procrastinating till noon . But I pick books from the library for my granny in that time. Library is next to my ex. I walked close to her apartment. The way my body took it was... wow... I was so aroused 'bout to explode . My mind was so dark, but getting upstairs and giving her undeserved pleasure was none I was going to do . So I embraced all the urge... This really transformed into energy after it. I worked out for abs, legs and did 10km run. ( amazing chakra ) I read from noon till 5 pm . I remind myself now why I procrastinated, I was thinking 'bout sex extremely much because of the energy I felt in that place. Just got to focus and forget about it. I forget that I went from 8 to 9 30 am in the university . Hope I didn't trigger no one. I used more appropriate words, cause I don't now how to use the trigger content .

    Much love .
  9. This seems to be key. I haven't had any urges at all today though.
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  10. Day 3:
    So like I said yesterday I slept early so that was good. I woke up quite early too. The natural time of 2 sleep cycles so around half 7. Idk why but I got up and started getting ready then just went back to bed. It really wasn't good so I got up quite late. For a while now I've been struggling to wake up for Fajr prayer (morning/around an hour before sunrise) even though it's late as it's winter. I can and intend to do better and keep waking up for it inshaAllah.

    My day was quite productive in terms of what I did, I worked out, let my ankle recover even though I want to run and just go out often but I know it'll be risky to do that today. Only a little bit of uni work to do. Will cook good food tomorrow inshaAllah and finish all the work. Looking forward to being more productive. Everything is good alhamdulillah.
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  11. astrobear

    astrobear Fapstronaut

    101 - 118

    Check-in counter: 104 - started on Day 15
  12. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Good day soldiers, did some updates on THE ELITE page. Hope yall like it.

    A little busy here. Need some rest. Had an arousal dream but remember nothing details afterwoke. Taking some leadership challenges these days. Things don't go as expected. That's fine, im not the first one facing those anyway.
    Going strong.
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  13. Leader of ME

    Leader of ME Fapstronaut

    Salute! Day 39 report is here . Was on the book. Nothing interesting, but the content .
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  14. Leader of ME

    Leader of ME Fapstronaut

    Here is one more interesting thing . I have a count on my phone which shows exactly 39 days, 5 hours and 15 minutes. This here shows 38. I don't know who to trust no more . Good I found yesterday I have written 38 days , so there is a problem in the system .
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  15. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    yeah me too, 69 days 6 hours ago but still 68 on the counter and this morning I wasn't able to use the forum, so I guess there's a problem with everything

    anyway day 69 checking in
    gym wasn't on plan but I woke really early and powerful so I went anyway
    found a fan of my workout
    came back and I was early for work so listened some lectures on my desktop, worked and now I am studying before going sleeping
    peaceful and productive day
  16. Check in:
    - So today I couldn't sleep until quite late, I managed to wake up early but I fell back asleep. I haven't had urges but I've been feeling withdrawals a lot, a bit socially awkward and very fatigued. I have a lot of brainfog aswell, idk why this happens but maybe because I used to fail a lot around day 3-4 so my brain expects it.

    I wasnt as productive as I could've been but I ate healthy today at least and got itinerary sorted for next week. I did one quiz and got full Mark's but it was only 5 questions and not hard. I ate tandoori chicken today and I had 2 oranges aswell. Tomorrow is my busiest day, I'm feeling some pain in my ankle still when I walk on it, i usually don't complain about these things when I have them so hoping it goes soon.

    Looking forward to a productive day tomorrow inshaAllah. @L'empereur .
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  17. therealboyka

    therealboyka Fapstronaut

  18. newtry

    newtry Fapstronaut

    D40 Hm. Today was a productive day. In the morning I studied about baptism with a lot of enthusiasm. I love studing the Bible... I think I find my vocation. I took my afternoon classes and then I went to the pray meeting. Everything rides fine in my life these days, even my work... I hope the best there!
  19. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Good day, had difficult login to nofap, guessing this might be another ATTCK?

    Tonight movies were zombie series (resident evil 1-5) so think of today was a zombie day. I happend to watch a movie from their side, about one zombie started curing, recovered as a human again. I saw a lot similarities to addicts.

    When he was a zombie, he had no memory of the past, the only desire was to eat. When a person is addicted, the only desire is to fap.

    He saved a girl from a zombie assault. No one expects he could talk cuz zombie don't talk usually. He already started changing cuz he did the right thing. That one right thing changed him. He revived his heart.

    Some of others saw his action. What really triggered them was a picture of holding hands. That's the time when they all remembered something important in the past. I never forget the male zombie said to the next "do you feel it?" "....yeah."

    At the final invasion, they joined human side and kicked the Skelton's (heavily decomposed) outta world. They had no hope of change. They had no need to eat humans but it's already habituated.

    Unfortunately for addicts, others see us just like zombies. But if this zombie just do one right thing, could lead the recovery.

    At ending, he was fully recovered. It's amazing to see how he started from a stuttured to a speaker. His appearance has changed from stink to slim, and smart maybe? Just looking good!

    His followers too. Although they still had some side effects but they were accepted by the society. They no longer eat humans.

    As an addict, I envy this guy even its a made up story. Because when I see a mirror, I look like a zombie. Now is better though but I'm mostly a poker face.

    Soldiers, what stage are you? Zombie or Skelton? I hope it's not too late for you to regain humanity, by doing one thing right every day.
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