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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by MONSTER MONK, Mar 3, 2019.

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  1. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Submission confirmed.
    Initial impression: Great job! I forgot to give you the format but you did well. Clearly you knew what a summary should be.
    Minor suggestion: Repetitive mission objectives. I get the idea tho.
    My understanding from the screening: This is from five sessions. Cause and effect, examples, personal experience...

    Question: How are you gonna talk about the porn? Do you choose audience? Jump in right on to it?
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  2. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Did some :emoji_dagger:. Read mental management during the college years. I wish I knew it but it's never too late. I can use it in todays stayhome study.
    Gain knowledges in all things fitness. Apparently physical is just a begining of all. Answered quetions but I need more practices.
    Almost a day of the first atomic bomb used in war. Never forget the bloodshed from the past and never repeat the bullshit again.

    Happy message five by five.
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  3. bornagaingirl

    bornagaingirl Fapstronaut

    I do videos for Christian girls sometimes. So I plan to make a video on what I have learnt on how porn affects society and relationships :) Since I put my face out there I can't link them here.

    The Summit had many many sessions, many about trafficking also, but I chose those on porn to limit the topic a bit. I felt like it has also helped me personally to understand sexual addictions more and also what is going on in a partner that may use porn. And where my personal MO issues might come form as well.

    Soooo do I get a prize :oops:
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  4. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Your medal is processing. Standing by ;)
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  5. Fighter_4_life

    Fighter_4_life Fapstronaut

    Day 16
    It is my highest streak on nofap...
    I hope I can reach more
    That" path for men "is definitely helping me
    But often I have this long inner chat like I maladaptively daydream about people who hurt me who with whom I have unresolved past issue and that really sucks coz honestly it is such a wastage of time and productivity.. I stuck at academics because of it
    And i did some Google search Rumination and maladaptive daydreams are side effect of severe trauma as coping method to escape..
    But i notice it increases the days I didn't meditate or I resist a trigger in my mind...
    Any solutions
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  6. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Me too for that actually. I'm not sure that's daydreaming or not. I get those things while studying so I ended up redoing things again. Overwhlemed by negative thoughts. Not always tho.

    I'm not surprised and you aren't alone. Many folks are having that. Including pornstars. Abused in the past and can't cope up with future. So actually, they're victims too. It's like a drink. First taste is bitter, and ended up some how can't live without it.

    You know, male and female are different on this. So I'll just say what worked for me. That is don't resist on anything. It's painful for self denial especially once you enjoyed that so much.

    Instead, try different things. I recommend music. You can sing or play. Proved way of coping pain in any area.

    Glad to hear you are doing that course. I wish you can finish the featured one at least. So you get the basics and a medal! Just like me and @bornagaingirl ! Oh, btw, below that course has meditation.

    Order #1 To take charge of this life and all triggers in view. Meaning trigger is inevitable, and manageable. Smile to the trigger and live life to the best of your ability.

    I encouter triggers everyday, just like anybody. The differece is, I laugh it so badly and then continue to whatever I was doing. Maybe works for you too? Takes practice tho.
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  7. Fighter_4_life

    Fighter_4_life Fapstronaut

    Could not explain it better
    I am trying to learn Spanish on duolingo
    That really gamified the learning experience it is like I play the game the only difference is that I some how end up in benefits from it unlike video games.. And i think I will meditate in the morning 25-30 minutes plus workout.. Let's see how things will do
    I finished two courses.
    Helping all parts of you heal which was really fun and helps us understand our core wounds... And the other one I forgot the name.. Looking forward for more courses :)
    :) :) :)
    Well i think I already did..
    I would try to take my negative thoughts as addiction as well and try to minimize them as much as possible and smile upon triggers..
    Going strong
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  8. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Which two? Let me know so I can process your prize :rolleyes:
    Fight to win :) Fight for life :cool:
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  9. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    :emoji_swimmer: and :emoji_runner: All tests passed. I knew I would.
    The incident in "Paris" is devastating. It'd same if there's a war broke out.
    Mental, social, and family fitness must be train together. Same with the recovery capital concept. Today's war depends on combinations. Let's get to it.
  10. bornagaingirl

    bornagaingirl Fapstronaut

    I am sometimes not so sure if men and women are really different. Many people say men are visual and women are emotional, but I think most people have parts of both and if men are just trying to fight visually and not look for the deeper needs for PMO, it often leads to blaming women for bodies and how they dress etc. and if girls are only focused on their emotions, they might be confused why they still experience desires because they believe girls don't have visual and other triggers.

    So I think a combination is best.

    Reporting Day 27

    Today I listened to a sermon and will visit the veterans and sew some combat gear (facemasks) with the retired warrior queen (grandma). Also do some walking.
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  11. Fighter_4_life

    Fighter_4_life Fapstronaut

    as you say the cause might be different but the effect is still the same in both men and women dopamine, cortisol, serotonin etc etc have same structure in both men and women..

    That Is why I really like to watch videos on recovery for men like Universal man or pathformen even though they are addressing men but I feel it very much applies/related to me as much as it would to a guy
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  12. Fighter_4_life

    Fighter_4_life Fapstronaut

    Don't worry try again try better don't binge if you don't want your progress to loose
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  13. Fighter_4_life

    Fighter_4_life Fapstronaut

    Day 18

    I copy pasted statistics from my journal to save time.. I been trying my best and will try more to get rid of this stupid addiction and heal my brain from clenches of traumatic past, heal my Ptsd and Rumination... And every day I will improve every day I will give my best the best I can I won't stop until I reach where I wanna reach... Enough of suffering.. Enough of tormenting myself with sick masochistic fantasies..
    Now I won't let myself dim my light
    I will work hard.. The best I can to heal myself off course with God's help
    ( this is the motivation you get after practicing all your powerups maybe lol )
    Breathing exercises :9minutes
    Timed meditation :6minutes
    Guided mediation :10 minutes
    Meditation for addiction :10minutes(1st step)
    Total :36 minutes
    Meditation time :almost in morning(which is good)
    Meditation quality : good

    Loved Chanting mantra
    " I see your pain but I also see your courage "

    Cold shower
    workout( after ages) (=felt extra energy like never before besides it is such an trigger effect killer)
    clean my room
    Balancing gymnastics to cure maladaptive Ruminations

    4) ACADEMICS :
    30 minutes of Spanish
    Plus detailed plan comming
    0 actual academic


    4 prayers + read holy book, missed one prayer

    State of brain : very productive,
    Ruminations /daydream : 25%
    Goal is to have zero percentage of Rumination + maladaptive daydreams (Escaping from reality).. But still it is good given that I have average 75% Ruminations

    Day score :80%
    I m happy and proud
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  14. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    :emoji_runner: Conversational level.
    Will be busy next week.
    Training excersised. Overwhelmed. Never fight the fight when no chances of winning.
    Planning to catch up some academics if the time allows.
    Prayer and a story from a honorable chap.
    Stay strong.
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  15. Fighter_4_life

    Fighter_4_life Fapstronaut

    Day 19
    Learned it in the meditation lesson... It explains lot about my current mindset @im'possible
    " to be present here and now is extremely difficult for Ppl with addiction and over time it changes the way we see ourselves. Anything that was priority is lost (in my case academic).. Reality seems like a distant friend. We fall deeper into insanity. But there is hope and it starts with the courage to be present
    Yoga : agitations of mind are solved
    Sanity : soundness of mind
    Yoga =sanity

    - cold showers
    -workout (sleep time stretches)
    -recovery videos
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  16. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Glad you like it. I need to reveiw it sometimes.
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  17. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    :emoji_european_castle:Weekend Service:emoji_european_castle:
    Good seed.
    Facing adversaries, addictions, never ending headaches. We're not berried, but planted. Dont judge too soon the circumstances. The master gardener knows. Keep saying I'm a good seed. Regardless.
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  18. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Atten hut!

    Personal to be awarded, front and center!

    Citation of Fight the New Drugs medal to
    Warrant Officer @bornagaingirl

    The above personal has successfully completed the summary report of additional five hours trainings. Information, education, and recovery process are acquired.

    The trainng command is proudly approved this medal :emoji_pill: 5098. The numbers representing the initial post of this achievement.

    Congradulations:emoji_tada: and carry on.

    The recipient has the right to put this medal on signature.

    Sergeant 1st Class@MONSTER MONK
    Nofap Army Bootcamp
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