Nofap BOOTCAMP ; NO PMO/ HELL Mode [Open]

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by MONSTER MONK, Mar 3, 2019.

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  1. bornagaingirl

    bornagaingirl Fapstronaut

    Day 351 I think (counter is invisible on mobile)

    Right now it's more difficult not to fornicate than MO :D
  2. I see 352 :).
    Btw when I check from phone it is enough to switch from vertical to horizontal view by bending the phone to see the counter :)

    Day 1
    Tough cardio.
    Good meditation.
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  3. FallingPetals

    FallingPetals Fapstronaut

    Oh my God it works. I never knew this!!!
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  4. Happy I've been useful miss Zee.
    Btw I don't hear from you from a lot of time.
    How are you? :)
    I really hope you're doing good :).
    Feel free to write me anytime for anything :)
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  5. Checking as for day 2.
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  6. It's shocking to see your day counter at 2, Legeon. What's the deal?
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  7. FallingPetals

    FallingPetals Fapstronaut

    I am good, luca. Things are better thank the Lord.
    i hope you are good too. Thanks for the offer :)
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  8. Sometimes when you're doing really good you make the mistake of forgetting how you conquered all that well-being.
    So, you take it for granted, thinking that just because you came that far then nothing can stops you.
    But life then will always level up the difficulty.
    And I was not prepared unfortunately.
    How about you my friend? Doing good ?
    I am now.
    That's wonderful to hear my friend.
    Stay strong.
    An hug :)
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  9. Day 3 reporting
    Good academics.
    Nice workout.
    Wonderful meditation.
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  10. Casper400

    Casper400 Fapstronaut

    Daily check-in reporting. I decided not to look at my streak, because once I'm doing well it gets in my head and I usually fail afterwards. On a better streak, feeling strong, feeling inspired. Being disciplined in other aspects of life. Ready to conquer.
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  11. Reporting for day 4
  12. Reporting for day 5.
  13. Day 6 checking
    Going strong
  14. bornagaingirl

    bornagaingirl Fapstronaut

    Day 357

    currently deployed abroad.

    Did almost fail once. Touch aborted after 20 seconds successfully.

    Still scouting the terrain and studying local cultural habits.
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  15. Seems like you're in a far place ahahahah

    Checking for day 7
    Made it to 1 week after the big fall.
    Really good.
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  16. Day 9 checking
    Not stopping.
    Almost double digit once again.
  17. Finally back at double digits.
    Not so much maybe.
    But after a big fall after 304 days, you're grateful for every single day.
    And I am.
    Doing the work
  18. bornagaingirl

    bornagaingirl Fapstronaut

    We are three days away from completing a whole year!

    It's not that far @fg4795 but like the difference between European cultures.

    My boyfriend is from a different country and we are with his family.
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  19. Oh, that's wonderful to know that you're meeting with the other family
    Hope everything is going well :)

    As for me checking for day 11
    Exam tomorrow.
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