Nofap BOOTCAMP ; NO PMO/ HELL Mode [Open]

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  1. I relapsed iam starting again
  2. SpaceBazaar

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    I would like to join if still possible. My current streak is 37 days.
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  3. Bigftninja

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    Well I guess I get to be a worker soon since my streak started at 1 am
  4. Bigftninja

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    I take that back my signature says two days so that's what I'm going by
  5. P-Grizzly

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    Starting my journey today. I am sad and defeated by my lack of self control and destructive behavior. It’s killing me slowly. I truly do feel like a dove so this tank is suitable for me. Let’s begin
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  6. Entry #4
    Passing of Forest: Success.

    "After a few days of riding through the forest we were cornered and attacked by a group of Swamp Revenants.
    All our horses drowned and we have lost two civilians to the forest's Undead.
    The rest of the road was made on foot.
    After a few more troublesome days we finally reached the Elf Kingdom.
    The elves don't seem that concerned with the Orc Invasion despite the allied force's terrible defeat.
    The city is apparently, one of decadence, sex, delicacies, pleasure... it is not prepared for the Great War that will soon reach its walls.
    Other human Regiments have entered the city, looking for shelter and new guidance and they are already crowding the taverns, the brothels, the Leaf Dens...
    Our troops are in the sorry state and the elves seem to have traded their wisdom for pure hedonistic satisfaction.
    It is time for us to regroup and wake up all of the Great Races from their Slumber.
    But first we need to look inwards.
    Our captain has crafted a plan and instructed us not to indulge in such activities.
    One of his old friends, a High Elf General informed him that there are several cells inside the city of composed by Orcs and Goblins that fuel this degeneracy.
    His hands are currently tied because of direct orders from above that seem to undermine the current crisis.
    Drug-dealers, human traffickers and politicians sent or corrupted by the Dark One and his Allies to the city to destroy it from within.
    If this continues, there will be no one left to fight the coming hoards.
    Our mission is to investigate these rumours and eliminate the discovered threats.
    And I am assigned to lead it, as the new Lieutenant, .
    Underground criminals are one thing... but Politicians? Is the Elven Nobility involved as well? Exactly how far does this rabbit hole go?"

    OPERATION Counterespionage
    (Time to complete: 1 month)

    RANK INCREASED: Lieutenant
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  7. I love these stories! So inspiring! Count me in this operation - Captain speaking!
  8. Shoto Jaya

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    Can I take part in this challenge???
  9. impact123

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    Day 0
    A slave for now
    But I am better than this and look forward to being a Demi God
  10. Pedro.Conquers

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    Let’s fuck shit up. Day 1 hooorah!
  11. Pedro.Conquers

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  12. Expergefactor

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    Would I be able to join?
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  13. i relapsed and starting again
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  14. Pedro.Conquers

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    Connect with your spiritual power, when you think of watching porn.
  15. Pedro.Conquers

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    Anyone can join.
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  16. How do you guys insert the link to this thread in your signature?
  17. @MASTER MONK Sir, major 010010010100000101001101 reporting for duty!
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  19. So great, we definitely need more forces here!
  20. DaMan1923

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