Nofap BOOTCAMP ; NO PMO/ HELL Mode [Open]

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by MONSTER MONK, Mar 3, 2019.

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  1. the day started off productive and then went downhill as I was exhausted probably from not eating enough yesterday. Gotta do an all-nighter.
  2. Kratos_GOW

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  4. Day 97:
    Better than yesterday:)

    This war is not over yet we have to motivate ourself for the fight every single day....
    And we all are fighters trying to fight our personal issue along with pmo
    We are born to shine, to b a winner conquer of our personal demons we just cant loose ..
    Good luck my fellow soldiers
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  5. Check in day 1. Feeling strong and focused. And pissed off by the most recent message here in my inbox "can we sext? if you don't mind"... no comments.
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  6. A47

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    Day 16. Feeling drowsy from morning and also had strong urges but I resisted them because I cannot see myself losing anymore of my will power.
    @MASTER MONK please update my rank as Lieutenant.
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    I think when you stop checking in, then you start to forgot why you doing this in the first. I need to follow in with my duties.

    Watched P and M’ed once every day for the last three days.. Better than my last relapse, where I went mini bender for days.

    Day 1 - I want this! I’m going to love myself and quit smoking too. Let’s get it!
  9. Avatar Goku

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  10. Kratos_GOW

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    Ignore, block them and focus on the task. We all will meet people like them. there is no point in getting angry as you know how emotions play a part in PMO. Stay strong
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  11. Kratos_GOW

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    up for weekly team challenge?
    4 teams 5 members each
    but only 7 days to find a winner.
  12. Avatar Goku

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    I'm in
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    Cool stay tuned for an update
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    Not checked in for a big

    on day 4 still worker
  15. Day 78...everything as good as always
  16. MadJackMcMad

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    Day 45, patiently waiting for the flatline to go away
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    Checking in Day 30.
    For those relapsing at the moment, I strongly suggest you look at this as a signal that you need to educate yourselves more in what NoFap is all about, and ways to arm yourself, and your mind, better for these challenges.
    I’m not there yet either, evidenced by the fact that I’m at day 30 again. But with everything I learn, it improves my chances of beating this. OK, mini rant is over.
  18. day 2 - easy noPMO day,
    had a relapse dream though worst kind i was Ming in it and I woke up and freaked out thinking I M'd whilst I O'd was very strange experience to say the least.
    now I need to eat and will work hard tonight on my deen. let me begin now bismillah.
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