Nofap caused my premature ejaculation. Help?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by 1z3, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. 1z3

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    Info about situation:
    -Live in UK
    -In a 160 day nofap streak (previous best streaks are 80 days and 60 days).
    -18 years of age
    -Sexually active with same girlfriend for 1.5+ years
    -9/10 we engage in only oral sex
    -No porn in over a year
    -Sexual encounters are every 1-2 weeks
    -Not willing to give up Nofap as a solution
    -I eat healthily and exercise frequently

    Before nofap/not using porn, I actually had problems with taking too long to orgasm (especially with oral/handjob),sex not being pleasurable and struggling at times to attain an erection. After my very first streak (60 days), I developed premature ejaculation. I have been struggling with it ever since.

    I believe my masturbatory habits of attempting to reach orgasm as quickly as possible are potentially the cause of my PE. But what can I do now that I've stopped masturbation?

    This September, I somehow managed to last about 5-10mins during a BJ (although fairly slowly and softly performed). I somehow had a fountain of control. This is very good compared to me lasting less than a minute before and after this event (sometimes even less than 10 seconds). This was after I was on a 3 week Mediterranean holiday.

    I have even attempted to block sexual thoughts for about a month and a half during my current streak by giving myself cold showers and various means. I did this thinking that my premature ejaculation was the result of being over excited and chasing sex/orgasm. This may/may not have helped.

    I have done Kegel exercises that are a very common respond here (both normal and reverse). I haven't gained any significant control from doing them.

    Fortunately I have an understanding girlfriend who I'm very comfortable with and that she gets off to pleasing me than me pleasing her. Regardless I still feel upset about having premature ejaculation.

    Any advice will be well received.
    Thank you:)
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  2. prostate-orgasm

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    i have read that anal stimulation helps, maybe she can finger you?

    otherwise maybe you need to start fap again.
  3. Ducati

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    Go slow and try to relax the muscles between balls and prostate.
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  5. Captain B

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    Do you ever do it twice in a row? Maybe the second time will take longer? I mean, if you're mostly only doing oral, it's not really that important to last long (I suppose) but I used to know a guy whose girlfriend would always give him head first until he comes before having sex.

    Other than that: whenever I feel like I'm close to coming but don't want to yet, I go slow and breathe deep into my stomach a few times. It sort of relaxes something down there and then I can go a bit longer.

    If nothing works, you might want to get professional help though. PE, as well as ED, can be caused by a multitude of things, some of which can easily be treated.
  6. 1z3

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    My refractory period has also increased with nofap as the orgasms are much much stronger. It takes me about 20-30mins to get up after.

    My general sensitivity to stimuli from partner has increased hugely with nofap, which I like a lot as simple hugs and holding hands feel a lot more intimate and special rather than boring and pointless when masturbating. That being said any stimuli down there becomes very intense and then I just have to release.

    Nofap has a net positive effect on life and relationship but this PE is still upsetting.

    What kind of professional help do you mean by?
  7. Captain B

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    For a start I'd say try to find ways of having sex (or oral or whatever else) which let you last longer together with your girlfriend. Experiment. I don't know much about this but I'm sure there's a bunch of information and tips on this on the internet. Well, there's probably also going to be a lot of weird fucking suggestions, but chances are, you might find something useful. Either for lasting longer, or for making it pleasureable for the both of you despite PE.

    Also, with regards to your age, things might just change by themselves over time. You make more experiences, you learn more about how your body works, and maybe at some point you'll get better at lasting longer, just by "exercising".

    If nothing else seems to work, you can also talk to a urologist (that's what I meant by professional help). This appears weird for a lot of guys but it really isn't. There might be a medical reason for your PE, so it can't hurt to ask someone who knows a whole lot about how dicks work :)
  8. diesel2256

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    Here's what I'd recommend: stop orgasming so soon. When you start getting close, cool off and concentrate on her, switch positions, whatever. After you've cooled down, go back at it. Repeat the cycle. Yes, this is difficult but it has worked wonders for me. Basically, this is "edging" with a partner and once you get good at controlling things, you'll have a few orgasms in one session. Fun stuff.

    Eventually, your brain will realize that stimulation doesn't mean "get off as fast as possible."
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