NoFap causes cancer?

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Zhaank, Jul 23, 2018.

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    I highly doubt that NoFap causes cancer. If so, then devoted priests, paralyzed men, old men, etc....would have it much more often than they do.

    Think of it this way: Will you get cancer in your pancreas if you don't "empty it"? Will your pituitary gland give you cancer if you don't lay down and cause it to empty "at least once a month"? It's nonsense. Same for the prostate gland. Voluntarily trying to empty it isn't needed to stay cancer free.
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    I don't believe this
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  4. Without even reading it, I could declare it bullshit. Davidphd1866 gave one argument that already resolves your worries. Don't get manipulated by someone who wants to make him masturbating look less pathetic. There're numerous more reasons you can get cancer from, but by becoming a better, healthier, happier man? Come on...
  5. It does not. The normal state of humans IS celibacy. How does it evolutionarily and from the sense of survival, make sense that you need to burst regularly?. Cancer is uncontrolled angry cells. So releasing bucket loads of vitamins ad nutrients from your body allows that to happen in the first place. Also mental fantisation slowly cooks you up if not released. This is why if years have been invested in wasting the vital nutrients and the prostate has been weakened and you forcefully 'abstain'. The mental fantisation will only seem to mess you up. The mind needs to stay clean. The body obeys. You are it's master and it your servant. You do your job and treat it well, it will serve you well.
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    Being distrustful and a liar is causing more damage and harm to the mind and body then not fapping imo.
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    Not sure about that logic at all...
    As far as I'm aware, the normal state of any species is essentially to procreate.
    However, I agree that it is absurd to suggest that not mastubating somehow causes cancer.
    Excess semen is secreted from your body in urine, during sleep etc - so it's not like you're going to become infected by not releasing it manually.
  8. It is absorbed. Ive gone over 100 days with not the slightest emission. I know people who went years, even decade. The semen gets nutrients from all over the body. This is caused by entertaining lustful thoghts. If you exercise well, stay sharp mentally and more it makes even easier.
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    Breathe gentlemen.

    Answer: no.
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    Yes sensei.
  11. Me: "I know people who went years, even decade"

    Celibate monks do that too and there's plenty of those around. Theres like millions of monks in the world who have easily done 5 years or so, at least; right now.
  12. I'm actually kind of glad a question / thread like this was asked. At least it illustrates the point that no question is too "dumb", "stupid", or "obvious" for others who don't get it.

    Though I guess questions like these could be added to an F.A.Q. or something.
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    The risk should be very low and a t a level that 99.99% of people will never have to worry about. The hard thing is to stop having sex/masturbating/ejaculating... not the opposite.
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    I heard about a study that claimed that celibates were at higher risk of developing prostate cancer. I would want to see a more profound study on the effects of celibacy. Unfortunately, researchers don't seem to care.
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    Everything gives you cancer, so I doubt semen retention is significant. Cancer is caused by radiation, which every molecule on the planet earth gives off every second, so anyone claiming that some random thing gives you cancer is technically correct but insignificant. Just stay away from nuclear disaster sites, being out in the sun too long without sunscreen, and breathing anything that isn't clean air, and you'll most likely be fine. Maybe trim down and lose some pounds, as the fewer cells you have in your body, the less likely one of them will turn cancerous. Otherwise, cancer is mostly random.

    That just my very unprofessional opinion.
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