NoFap causes hair loss?!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Arnulf, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Arnulf

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    Hello fellow fapstronauts!

    I apologise for the somewhat dramatic name of this post, because I know the consensus about nofap is that when you stop PMO and go on nofap, it stops hair loss, and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence of it thickening your hair. Obviously nofap is an amazing thing for everyone, with great benefits for most.

    HOWEVER! - Since starting nofap in March 2017, I have noticed that my hair is a lot thinner. Especially on the top/front. I am 27 years old. My father is almost 70 and still has thick hair with not even a hint of receeding hair line at the temples. Same with all my brothers and all my uncles on both sides. I've had some receeding at the temples for a few years now without it getting any worse. Nothing too bad and I havent even cared that much, but now, after starting nofap, it has dramatically changed! Now I can see the scalp all the way through and I feel absolutely horrified by this :(

    I am trying to locate others in the same situation as myself so we can have a discussion about what can be causing this, and help each other solve it. Especially since in my case it doesnt seem to be genetic at all, there must be a solution. I have a few suggestions, so feel free to comment, share experiences, good AND bad, and thoughts on this.


    1. High Prolactin/Low Dopamine - Elevated Prolactin levels is strongly related to early male pattern baldness. As PMO addicts we seem to have lower levels of dopamine. When dopamine goes down, prolactin goes up and vice versa.

    Now, if flatline is really LOW levels of dopamine (since we're not stimulating dopamine release while trying to resentisize our receptors), it seems logical that prolactin will be elevated during a flatline, due to the lack of dopamine to counter it.

    A reason for this CAN be that high prolactin causes LOW SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) which binds testosterone and DHT, thus causing higher levels of free testosterone, and more important HIGHER LEVELS OF DHT. DHT seems to be the number one bad guy when it comes to hair loss, so this is one theory.

    Question: Is it a fact that dopamine stays looooow during the flatline? Is that why we feel so shitty?

    (I'll also mention that I am aware of the elevated prolactin immedietly after ejaculation, but many sources claim this is insignificant. Maybe it is, maybe it's not, or maybe it is different for everyone since most people get better hair on Nofap. My theory is that this is possible for SOMEONE :) Also, I know ejaculation seems to raise the conversion of testosterone into DHT, and that stopping PMO will lower DHT, but again, maybe this is different for everyone)

    2. Increase in Androgen receptors

    This is another theory that has been mentioned both here and on reddit earlier. This claim is that since Nofap increases Androgen Receptors (I believe this is already an established fact here?), the receptors in the head will now be way more sensitive to androgens, and thus be more subjectible to cause hair loss.

    3. High Zinc causes hair loss
    I've read that one of the ways PMO causes hair loss is by depleting the body of minerals, especially zinc. Zinc is important for healthy hair, which might be why people that go on Nofap suddenly get thicker hair. They get their zinc levels up by not wasting it, and then their hair grows thicker.

    However, some science says that TOO HIGH ZINC can cause hair thinning as well. Personally I've been supplementing with zinc for years, and a recent hair analysis shows that although I am a bit low on many minerals (no big imbalances or deficits though), my zinc level is good. A theory of mine is that since I stopped fapping, but kept supplementing with zinc, that my zinc levels have gone higher and thus caused my hair to thin. Maybe the least plausable theory of these, but nontheless...

    . .

    I feel I should also share that I had bloodwork done, and it came back with elevated Prolactin (278) and Low SHBG (21), and also low Testosterone (375). This was in March, right before starting nofap. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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  2. plant goodness

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    No, NoFap does not cause hair loss.

    This is utterly absurd.

    Totally something else that is doing it.

    That's like saying celibacy and sexual transmutation causes hair thinning, no. Doesn't work that way. Something is uniquely wrong with you that is unrelated to NoFap progress.

    If your hair is thinning I can recommend you start taking a herb called He Shou Wu immediately. Do your research.

    Don't start wasting semen thinking it will stop your hair from thinning....
  3. JakeWoods

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    Ahhh not another post about hair loss. Masturbation or abstinence has zero impact on your hair.

    There is absolutely no evidence to support that masturbation and PMO causes hair loss. It seems to be one of those things where somebody noticed their hair falling out and he wanted to blame it on Porn, then everyone else who had the same thing jumped on the bandwagon.

    If you're losing your hair it is caused by something else. Mainly genetics. It doesn't matter if your brothers, sisters, parents have a good set of hair.. your genetics could be more related to your great grandfather, who didn't have a lot of hair. (I'm not talking about you, just in general)
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  4. Arnulf

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    Thanks for the reply guys! I know there is a lot of posts about NoFap promoting hair, but not much about it causing hair loss. I'm in no way saying that this or that is wrong or right. I'm just humbly putting the question out there. I've had thick hair all my life, then I started nofap and BAM. REALLY thinning! It doesn't have to be related to fapping at all, but maybe someone had any ideas... :)
  5. Arnulf

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    ANYWAYS! Regardless of whether you think it can cause hair loss or not, does anyone know if Dopamine goes LOW during a flatline? Your Brain on Porn say this about Flatline:

    This cascade of withdrawal-related neurochemical alterations may include:

    • further decline in dopamine levels
    • further decline in opioids and endorphins
    • drop-off in GABA, which is an anti-anxiety neurotransmitter
    • rise in brain stress hormones CRF and norepinephrine
    • elevated dynorphin, which inhibits dopamine and lowers pleasure response

    Because if Dopamine goes down, Prolactin will go up. And if Prolactin goes up, SHBG goes down, and if SHBG goes down, DHT goes up, and DHT kills your hair. So I'm not just trying to be a dick here. I will stay on Nofap no matter what. Just trying to understand some science here :) Thanks for the reply guys, even if you think it's nonsense!
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  6. Pfffft! If it actually does, I can offer you hundreds of natural remedies for hair regrowth.
    Ps I just realized how close to bald my hubby is after 18 yrs...
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  7. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    There's definitely a connection. There have been some guys that posted pictures on here when they were severe pmo addicts and then went on a good streak and their hair growth came back.
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  8. CompulsiveCrab

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    Like everyone else I got an opinion to share. The faster you come to terms with your balding or receding hairline the faster you can be more content and confident. I don't recommend trying to salvage your hair with those dangerous chemicals that you have to get illegally ,nor rogaine for that matter .

    If I had to put my finger on what had an affect on this, it was daily stress being a frustrative person, also stress caused from pmo. Not necessarily masturbation itself but the stressful situations of put myself through to achieve O. I also smoked lots of weed and cigarettes.

    Quote reads: "you can choose to be bald, or be balding"
  9. JesusGreen

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    Abstinence from orgasm (not specifically NoFap, although that includes NoFap) restores androgen receptors in the BRAIN not in the body (that means it does nothing to receptors in the scalp/head). I say restores, because it's not that you're getting new receptors, it's that those receptors were "switched off" by repeated orgasms. When you stop, they're able to switch back on and function as they were supposed to.

    These receptors are ONLY responsible for the psychological effects of androgens, and NONE of the physical ones. So increasing their presence will have zero effect on your hair.

    Dopamine levels are normal in PMO addicts, what isn't normal is the D2 receptors to which dopamine binds. Just like androgen receptors, these receptors get down-regulated, which causes you to feel as if you're low dopamine, even if your dopamine levels are normal. It's important to make this distinction.

    If you are doing NoFap, you are increasing your sensitivity to dopamine - which in turn is reducing your prolactin levels. So, you would actually be reducing your risk of hair loss going by your reasoning in the first post.

    The whole PMO depleting your body of minerals thing is bullshit honestly. PMO has a ton of negatives, but that's not one of them. You actually lose very few minerals in an orgasm and as long as you have a healthy diet with complete mineral content, it's all replaced very quickly. You're not suddenly super-dosing Zinc if you don't fap for a week. It's not like that.


    TL;DR No, you have male pattern baldness, and it has nothing to do with NoFap, it's just a coincidence that it started to happen now.


    Get on Finasteride if you care about keeping your hair, and do it quick before it's too late. Or just accept the fact that you're balding and perhaps consider going for a buzz cut.
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  10. ConstraintsTheory

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    Dude I'm 29 and I am losing my hair kinda like how you described it. It'll be awesome if it came back but I'm not holding my breath. I am willing to bet that majority of my hair loss was environmental due to huge amounts of stress on me the past 5 years or so I also wear hats a lot so that might have something to do with it. And I used to have thick hair I mean like a god damn mop thick.

    For me I am not at all worried about it I'm either gonna go all bald, all grey which I am riddled with grey hairs already the truth is probably some where in between.

    anyway I really don't think there is a correlation to pmo and hair loss I've read the same things you have but I don't think it's true. Enjoy the hair you have now you might not have it later is how I look at it.
  11. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    Dude, but some people here binge and beat off so much that they're shooting their spunk into tissues multiple times a day. That's a lot of nutrients lost from the body in just a course of a week let alone month.
  12. JesusGreen

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    Here's what you lose in one orgasm:


    The thing you lose most of in an orgasm is Zinc. You would have to have 33 orgasms in a day just to lose all your Zinc, and assuming you're getting your daily Zinc, it would all be replenished the next day. So don't spread misinformation ;)

    Calorie wise, the contents of an orgasm contain about as many calories as a single crumb of bread.

    (PS don't use that as an excuse to masturbate. It's not. It's just the "losing nutrients" thing is a myth, that I hate seeing perpetuated. It's myths like these that I'm very against because they make outsiders look down on NoFap, as they see people spreading bullshit and then figure the whole thing is equally bullshit. There are many reasons not to masturbate, but losing vitamins/minerals is not one of them.)
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  13. Drew140

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  14. Pmo is in the past

    Pmo is in the past Fapstronaut

    My hairs are falling out also.
  15. Hard gainer

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    But guys, I am experiencing premature thinning of hair. I don't know how to deal with it. It may be due to excessive faping and over use of cigarettes had effects.
    Now I completely quit smoking. And I am doing nofap. I hope it should stop further thinning of my hair.
    And also you actually don't need to worry much about hair fall now days. Because hair transplant technology has been becoming popular and cheaper now days. You can complete your treatment with cost less than a I phone 7. It is very cheap when you consider it as a life long investment. So there is no big deal about hair thinning. Don't need to worry much.
  16. Hard gainer

    Hard gainer Fapstronaut

    Also I came across a website which claims that scalp muscle excersise can stop hair fall and bring back thickness. I don't know how true it is. But I am going to give it a try. It involve movement of muscle on forehead and muscle on back of your head alternatively. This involves great practice to gain control over these muscle. I going to try this. You guys can also give it a try.
    If Anyone who is doing such excersise already can tell about results
  17. ooga ooga

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    I can confirm your experience with hair loss/thinning. This is the third time I have experienced the correlation. Other than that the superpowers have been real. Looking forward to keeping up with your investigation.
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  18. Vilasita

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    I have the same exact problem. I have been on nofap streak for 3 months but then I lost so much hair that I had to back to fapping and saw the difference. I dont like to fap at all but I am slowly reducing the count per weak instead. I also feel tingling over head where its thinning.
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  19. goliaph

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    The only thing that provokes allpecia is chemicals, severe stress and a lack of vitamins. These are the main causes of alopecia. Also do not forget about genetics. It was because of this that my uncle developed allopecia and, moreover, his hair fell out so quickly that he did not even have time to begin treatment. Just imagine. In just two weeks, he was completely hairless and this is really very terrible. Nevertheless, he did not come to terms with this and constantly reads articles on hair transplantation like In any case, the whole family wants him to abandon this idea, because despite the effectiveness it is a risky step!
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  20. avatarivn

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    I don't know about the rest of males who masturbate but I have been losing hair during my fap days, I am losing hair now with 48 days fap-free.
    Seems like I will be bald no matter what. Nothing works for me! :D

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