NoFap causes hair loss?!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Arnulf, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. lolos

    lolos Fapstronaut

    You have low test and you are losing your hair, end of the story brah
  2. YugenDran

    YugenDran Fapstronaut

    Oh thats why my hair falling alot
  3. Arnulf

    Arnulf Fapstronaut

    That is true. Low testosterone will cause SHBG to downregulate to ensure you still have enough free testosterone to function. When this happens there is less SHBG to bind up DHT and that means more DHT to fuck up your hair.

    We need to focus on increasing our testosterone levels!
  4. Merrywhether

    Merrywhether New Fapstronaut

    As far as I know, high testosterone is the main reason for male bald pattern, isn't it?
  5. Saqsagn

    Saqsagn Fapstronaut

    To be honest I'm at 3 weeks of no porn everyday and YES my hair has been thinner way more than it was a few months this back so maybe your right hut I was balding before .. is there a time flatline is over I actually think imma pull through this time
  6. Omi2409

    Omi2409 New Fapstronaut

    I have exact same problem as you @Arnulf , i am on NoFap day 46 and started getting hairs thinned after day 25 and losing almost 25% of my hair since past week. By continuing this i am afraid I will be completely bald in another month, No doubt I am seeing other benefits being on NoFap, but I am worried i have to compromise here.
    Need suggestions from people who experienced and overcame this problem.
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  7. Ricardo26

    Ricardo26 Fapstronaut

    at what age you start having hair loss
  8. Ashish VK

    Ashish VK New Fapstronaut

    Your theories are dope.
    really masturbation increases prolactin levels and there is a well known study based on this so stop spreading these misinformations.
  9. Dhrishtdyumn

    Dhrishtdyumn New Fapstronaut

    I don't want to encourage or discourage any scientific research or verified belief. Just sharing my personal experience here.
    After I've started practicing semen retention, my hairs are falling like crazy, crazy, crazy. I was one of those guys with the thickest and most dense hairs in my whole class. Even I used to challenge my friends if they can break a single hair by giving try to a fistful pull to my head. However, my hairline started receding a little bit but my hair were always dense on the whole head and they used to grow very fast too.
    But I don't know what's happening now. They are falling very fast in a large amount specially in frontal part of the skull. I know everyone's body has a slightly different mechanism and response cycle to different changes(outer and inner both). I'm still finding out if there could be any other reason behind this mass deforestation on my head . But that is something I can truly relate from my personal experience. I agree that most of the people advocate for nofap being a boon to their hair growth. But, exceptions exist everywhere. Don't know where is the problem in my case.
    However, good luck to all my buddies here.
    Have a nice day
  10. Godrye

    Godrye Fapstronaut

    I started growing white hairs and I'm twenty six years old.
  11. WildEntheology

    WildEntheology Fapstronaut

    I started losing my hair at 17, I've probably fapped to porn 10-15% of the last 8 years. I'm pretty much completely bald now. There is no shame in it, some women really dig it and many women just don't care that much. They are far more interested in your personality and what emotions you can create with them than what you have on your head.
  12. Billybrasco

    Billybrasco Fapstronaut

    I feel like I've been shedding more hair in the shower as well. On the other hand I noticed my hair is healthier than ever. Not sure what to make of that except out with the old in with the new? Hair loss doesn't seem to be apparent day to day. It's just what I notice at the shower drain. Maybe not enough to make a difference but it does seem like it's more loss, not less.

    I also noticed this when I started a keto diet six months ago. I've since stopped keto and gone on a "low carb diet" instead.

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