Nofap causes insomnia please HELP !!!

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    Hello there !
    I am following the nofap creed since August 18th, since then i only PMOed twice on September 5th and 7th which is great because by the past, in the span of a month, i used to fap between 10 up to 15 times a month. I can already notice very positive changes with brain fog dissipating, my social skills improving significantly and my energy levels skyrocketing.
    However i have been suffering during the past 2 days from insomnia, while i used to sleep between 6 up to 10 hours i now sleep 3 hours a night. I suspect that this issue is related to nofap and my energy levels, when i go to bed even if i use meditation techniques my mind just won't calm down, eventually i fall asleep but the rest i get doesn't last long and my mind makes sure to wake me up when it's over.
    My questions for you guys is this :
    Is this some sort of transition phase for my brain ? How long will it last ?
    Do you have any advice other than "go out and exercise" (i'm already exercising 3 to 4 times a week) to help me get better sleep ?
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